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She's My Kind Of Country Real Life and Fiction

For those reading She's My Kind Of Country; Sheila is a real person and my best friend from Pennsylvania but she is now becoming a he and in the middle of writing the book, I didn't want to change it because of the flow of the story. Tobias Jarrett and Shawney Klinger are both inside that book. Natalie, her ex-husband, Dana, the kids and so forth are all fiction. I don't do characters much based on my real life friends but with She's My Kind Of Country it was fun and best book in my eyes. I can't wait for when A Secret Love Affair gets the same notice again.  In that note, I am still reading Just Press Send by @NikkiPierceBooks and looking forward to when I can begin writing again.  I have writers block not going to lie on that. It's why everything has been a struggle with A Secret Love Affair but I promise I will work on it soon.
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Ebooks and Paperbacks

 Hey everyone, If you haven't heard then I am here to tell you that I have cut my ebooks off of Amazon Kindle and moved them to Smashwords since I made more sales that way whether priced or free. As for my paperbacks they are staying with Amazon because I still feel that my readers should at least have a way to have paperbacks available for anyone to read.  I am still on Writing Apps too for those that need another way of free reading, I am not in it for the money as mentioned before, I am in it to bring my world to life and express myself along with characters that I create. Thank you! ♥ Amber

2021 Year Of Writing!

Hello everyone, I am taken this time out of my writing schedule to get this out in the open. I have decided for this year 2021 that I will be focusing on my books but without Publishing right then and there, I am actually wanting to catch up on all of the books that need to be written also try to complete Series' that I am so far behind on. 2021 will be my year to have books on Writing Apps and hold off on Publishing for the time being. So, if you have been following me and watching my work on Apps then you know what books need worked on or ones that need completed. I was going to release Happily Ever After 2 this year but then I decided no way, no how will it be ready for this year with A Secret Love Affair needed the attention and I am not even sure how big that will be. That is my decision: I AM NOT PUBLISHING ON AMAZON FOR 2021! Do not expect releases unless I say otherwise but I am taking this year on my plate to get books done and hopefully release in 2022 for more than enoug

Addicted To College Romance

If you didn't know this about me then I'll tell you. Yes, I love College Romance Stories. Part of the reason behind my book A Secret Love Affair, I would have done it in a series but I'm braving through and making a Novel though it might take two. It depends. I have never written any College Themes in the Romance most of mine contain whatever is in my head but for once I'm taking a chance on giving Paige and Sienna a long journey because for once I need one too. As for the series, it may never come to fruition due to the fact I already have more than enough to work on. Anyways, I do recommend you checking out nikkipiercebooks on Wattpad and YouTube! She's one of my new favorites besides isabelleronin, shebathepoet, rebelwriter143 and many more Writers and Authors I've grown to love.

Quit Bullying Creativity!

I am so sick of this bullshit coming across my feeds whether it is Facebook, Wattpad, or Twitter. Quit bullying people for their writing content! My good friend @CreativeColette is getting bullied for a book that she wrote and I am proud of her for it that no one else has written. THAT IS THE POINT OF WRITING IS MAKING STORIES THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS WRITTEN. Bullying has to stop especially for those exposing content that no one else will. I don't approve of TeacherxStudents being together in reality but I have that in my content and many others do too. I have rape and violence in my books as much as any other Writer/Author. STOP, JUST STOP! THEIR IS ENOUGH HATE IN THIS WORLD! Colette keep writing and know you have fans behind you for your book.

A Secret Love Affair-College Lesbian Romance

Good Morning! I am excited to announce my first college romance and we will be on this journey for a while because it is going to the beginning with my main Characters Sienna and Paige. If you haven't been up to date on any of my pages or anything here is what has been going on. After Publishing She's My Kind Of Country and A Princess For Keeps and putting A Secret Love Affair on the backburner it has been struggling to get it going. I couldn't decide if I should write it in Series or leave it as a Novel but in between all those developments I have managed to squeeze the Novel instead.  I have gone through a lot of conflict with this book especially getting a feel of which ones would work better in the end instead of Alicia and Cecilia, I went with Paige and Sienna. I wanted to go beyond my normal young adulthood characters or the age gap. I am not sure the age's of either character since I don't present ages in my books very often and let the imagination take place


I don't mind helping people self-publish but I shouldn't have to do everything for YOU; I get it self-publishing can freak people out but if you follow what is given as advice then you will be okay. I am not trying to be mean to anyone but I do have a life outside of my writing and my daughter will be ahead of everything else for those that know me, should know that.  I will not do everything for anyone who is getting their name out there. You can do it if you take it one step at a time. It took me almost 5 years to get good enough for readers to enjoy my work and you can do the same but I AM NOT DOING IT ALL FOR YOU, sorry.