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Sorry, Not Sorry

Hey everyone,

Christmas is edging closer so is new releases from any author you are anticipating from. Tomorrow is release day for Alicia Sophia on her book 1, 4, 3 so you better get your copy for Kindle and paperback is released tomorrow(I believe). Any who, as a self-published author, I have decided to not take the deal with a Publishing Company because for one it is too stressful and two I like having my freedom of editing, covers, and so forth. No contracts for this one, sorry folks, actually no, I am not because guess what? The asshole that is trying to make my writing a living hell. Can go to fucking hell, it is MY CAREER not yours. GET A LIFE!

Their now I said it and feel much better. I am definitely bringing out books in my own name along with Annora Rose. I will have a book out for Christmas and another maybe for Valentines Day, wouldn't that be icing on a cake for those reading my work. Now, for those that are new to Publishing, do not freak out if your work isn't pe…

This Is My Reason To Self-Publish

30 Reasons to #SelfPublish Your Book:📖
1. Wave bye-bye to the gatekeepers.
2. Never write a query letter or a book proposal.
3. You have complete control over the business of your book.
4. The timeline to publication decreases from 18–24 months to 6–12 months.
5. You keep the rights to your book (once you sign a contract for your book, it essentially belongs to the publisher, and it may belong to the publisher for the life of copyright, which is the life of the author plus 70 years after you die).
6. You choose the editor, designer, and formatter you want to work with.
7. Censorship won’t be an issue.
8. There are no rejection emails. Ever.
9. Move at your own pace.
10. There are tax write-offs once you’ve met certain requirements.
11. Choose your own pricing for the book (what are the traditional publishers thinking with those sky-high e-book prices?).
12. Choose where your book is sold (want to go wide? Do it!).
13. Enjoy higher royalties.
14. Proof that you can do something withou…

Release Of Books

Good morning!
If you haven't already taken note, yes, I have republished my work and I do plan on having more coming out for the end of 2018 into 2019 now if you don't know which book to expect well than I am not saying because of nosy people on here. If you are on Wattpad than you already know what to expect that could be released. I am doing my best not to get stressed including with NaNoWriMo in which I have done every year since 2015. No, I am not looking at reviews so if this one or two people wants to bash me well good for them, they have no life. I am proud to be an author and writer to my own terms if you disapprove, don't let the door hit you on the way out. 
Enjoy your Thanksgiving and see you all later for another blog update.

Update From Yesterday

It is verified that by the end of November, I am sending my book off to Newman Publishing Incorporation with hopes that they accept Power Of Love and even if they don't Self-Publishing is still an option. My supporters have already gave me the push to go forward and keep going. My friend Joann is helping me edit and I have reached out to get more readers though it is difficult when barely anyone wants to read an uncompleted book. Many have already enjoyed it.

Chapters 1-5 are edited, 6-10 are probably soon, and 11-20 within the next few days or so depending on how much Joann has to do. I have no idea how many Chapters I will reach since this book is in NaNoWriMo too for 50k word count but I am halfway there as of last night as of sitting at 25k so closer and closer even with a busy life.

This company does offer editing and so much more, so I am not out of the woods on anything if they do accept Power Of Love.

Have an awesome Tuesday and Go Out an Vote!!!

Publishing Company

Good news, I heard from a Publishing company in New Jersey from when I signed up with hopes of possibly seeing if one would take note(well that did happen). Newman Springs Publishing has contacted me and I am already so freaking nervous because I know not every Publisher is going to accept LGBT that is a fact. Here is the catch though they say that they accept ALL genre but so far not one person that has Published with this company has any LGBT on the shelf. Do I dare take the chance with my favorite book as of right now Power Of Love(when finished) manuscript and hand them over my book or do I hold out until I get another one? though this was weeks ago when I contacted to find someone but I am nail biting this moment because I want my book available everywhere. Their already sending me a brochure from there company too and a person has already called today.

I am so nervous and excited at the same time, I have paused my work because this moment made my morning b…

New Novel 2019

After Christmas and New Years mid-January I will be working on a brand new book that will most likely be introduced to NaNoWriMo 2019. I am not 100% sure what the Novel will be quite yet or in this case Novel's but it is my goal to bring in new work too. I do have new character names to work with for this new book, they are:

Billie Jackson

Kaci Newmen

Now, I am not sure what ideal Novel, I will be going with but these two character's will definitely be introduced by 2019 after I get Power Of Love finished and that goes off for editing along with getting other readers once I feel the editing is good enough. Anyways, that is my blog update for this morning. Have an awesome Monday!

New Book Cover On Wattpad!

Hey everyone,

I have reached 20k in word count yesterday for NaNoWriMo that begins in two days. So, as a reward for accomplishing that goal I made a new book cover for Power Of Love.

Older Version:

Newer Version:

It took me three tries to get the new one lined up perfectly but otherwise, I love it, it stands out perfectly for this new version.

10 Days to NaNoWriMo & More

Good morning! Wow, it has been so busy with NaNoWriMo coming up in 10 days, 10 DAYS!! can you believe it? Anyways, got to talking to two of my closest friends and we all three agreed that to make Power Of Love amazing is to make it a two book process, you read right TWO BOOKS in ONE. I am keeping everything the same for Wattpad and Inkitt also for Google Drive but this book is going to be AMAZING! I want to feel the love between my favorite character's and their bond expand. I am already proud of it as it is with 17k word count, I have been working extra long hours with my girlfriend to get it going properly. That is my excitement for this morning but I got to get my butt in gear for this book, so see you all around. Love you all!! Inkitt: Wattpad:

Hot Spot Update for Wattpadders!!!

My book on is sitting at #2 on this morning, no joke at all! I am over the moon on this sudden wake up, my book is #2 in the HOT section that is unbelievable, Jana and Angel are getting loved.

Power Of Love-Wattpad

Inkitt & Expanding

Power Of Love-Inkitt
I have now moved Power Of Love to Inkitt for reaching out to more readers, now I know a good chunk of my followers are on Inkitt so if you wish to read Power Of Love there feel free too the more attention it gets the better because I want Jana & Angel to live on whether anyone wants me too or not. All writers do rewrites even my best friend has remade her books a time or two possibly more. So, my offer to everyone on Wattpad or Inkitt give Power Of Love much needed love when you can, thank you!
Chapter Nine is schedule to release by today or tomorrow for those that are reading and I am updating almost every day for this book not unless I am sick, my current word count with the help of my girlfriend for Chapter Eight is: 14,784 
I do also have it on NaNoWriMo this year:
I am also thinking about once it is done possibly put it on Smashwords to hopefully get more readers for this book and may run a decent price on it. The cover will change in time too wi…

~Love Story~

I can't do it to my readers, I just can't, I am tooooooo much of a softy. I am going back to writing a true love story for my two favorite character's. It isn't that I don't want any abuse or any of that but it just doesn't help my health any at all, my mental health can't handle it and so Jana and Angel are going for a love story that was the original plan from the gecko but it didn't turn out that way because of anger. My heart is going to write love stories true meaningful love stories in lesbian fiction.

If I publish again those of you will be aware by just looking out for a new book if you don't see it be advise Wattpad will have books. Thank you for you're endless support!

Power Of Love

Previous Editor's Made Mistakes

So, as I found out reading my first book Jana & Angel those spelling and grammar mistakes I got called out on wasn't me(though I would still thank the editor's/author's for trying). I know a lot of people see that in any book including Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, E.L. James, and more their is always going to be mistakes especially when editor's get a hand on the work.

My work is being written as is but fixing mistakes that weren't my fault at least for Jana & Angel, now if my previous works have mistakes I am going back and fixing them too along with everything else that needs to be done. ALL AUTHOR'S MAKE MISTAKES ALONG WITH EDITOR'S so those that are hateful go find a Famous Author and tell me what one doesn't have mistakes because last I check not everyone is perfect in the writing department including editing their work so many freakin' times that their brains are fried.

Editor's can have struggles as much as the Author's so if y…

Plot Lines and Simple Errors with New Scenes

Well, we all know that we have faults including myself. I mean, seriously?! simple mistakes that can be taken harshly well my dear Amazon Viewers(hence I know you who you are) and for once I got a upper hand on fixing what needs to be done. I mean, really?! you couldn't be nice enough to point out missing plot lines, few errors, and that it needed freshen up. Look at it this way, I am a INDIE AUTHOR, it is hard to get Beta Readers, Editors, Cover Designers, and so on, look at all the one's I know from Facebook a good chunk are INDIE AUTHOR'S, not famous. Their is no shame in knowing famous author's but Independent Author's need respect too. You want to know why? BECAUSE we do it ALL ON OUR OWN. We are the editor, cover designer, friends and family are beta readers, and heck they help with almost everything else.

I was reading over my Published books Jana & Angel and the rest of the sets, yes, I have realized that Angel has had a few missing plot lines, theirs a…

Hot Spot!!

I can't believe I am saying this Power Of Love is hitting tops on Wattpad with sitting at #20 in the HOT section of #newfriends that is no joke. I am so happy it has made my world fly better even without posting Chapter's though I admit with a busy weekend, I am cracking down on getting these Chapter's out.

I ended up rewriting it three times in the process but trust me this book is going to put you on a tail spin like no other, so if you are watching my page be sure to go to Wattpad and look for the Power Of Love.

~Happy Release Day on Wattpad for Power Of Love~

Coming Monday!!

I am sure a good chunk of you have read about Jana & Angel in some type of form from A Girl For Her Series, Fate Of Her Path Series, and the debut Novel A GIRL FOR HER. Well, I am bringing out this last final installment, and it will HAVE a better ENDING for sure unlike A GIRL FOR HER where we lose character's along with everything else that is crazy for a book. So, as the writer of my original series'. I am bring you POWER OF LOVE featuring our two love birds that will be having a destiny like no other. If you like this book enough be sure to leave comments, votes, and even help me reach goals like never before.  First five chapter's will be coming out Monday(hopefully). Power Of Love Wattpad

Surprise Book On Wattpad (First Book)

I know this may sound cruel to my followers/readers/family/friends..etc but I will be only posting first five chapter's of my new book and if it makes a hit with the first five than I will add six to ten...and so forth as long as I can see that it is being read it will make me happy. I don't want anything to think that a writer always does most takes weeks/months to finish a book depending on their writing speed. I am doing this so it is easy for everyone to have a chance to taste of what the new book is about, and if they would like more than what is on release. So in a few days or so depending on how much I can write first five chapters will appear for my new book, no, I am not giving away title than it wouldn't be a surprise ;) That is my update for this Tuesday!


Wattpad Page

This is so you all can follow my work since I know I did't exactly post a link on the last blog, my apologies. I will be bring out old, new, revised, and so much more to Wattpad than I have in many years. I want to be able to bring my work to life in a new way with extra help from friends. So, feel free to join me on this journey. I may even provide snippets later on.



My name is Amber Kestner, I am 29 years old, that loves to write lesbian love stories from one of my favorites Jana and Angel(has quite a history, it is getting a make over.) and so much more, I have followed the Author route a few times already it has failed. I am taking a step back, and having a complete revision. More about myself, I am a mother full time, I love to read, I love the color pink and Betty Boop. I live for coffee to get my day going. My favorite place to go is to the library or a bookstore. I am not ashamed of having a man in my life to help raise my daughter, he is a great boyfriend, and I am lesbian. I am disabled, I have heart valve disease already had two heart surgeries, and a third one when my daughter is in ninth grade. I do suffer depression, anxiety, and insomnia. I don't have any books that I am working on at the moment since it will take a while to reset everything.