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New Book Cover On Wattpad!

Hey everyone,

I have reached 20k in word count yesterday for NaNoWriMo that begins in two days. So, as a reward for accomplishing that goal I made a new book cover for Power Of Love.

Older Version:

Newer Version:

It took me three tries to get the new one lined up perfectly but otherwise, I love it, it stands out perfectly for this new version.

10 Days to NaNoWriMo & More

Good morning! Wow, it has been so busy with NaNoWriMo coming up in 10 days, 10 DAYS!! can you believe it? Anyways, got to talking to two of my closest friends and we all three agreed that to make Power Of Love amazing is to make it a two book process, you read right TWO BOOKS in ONE. I am keeping everything the same for Wattpad and Inkitt also for Google Drive but this book is going to be AMAZING! I want to feel the love between my favorite character's and their bond expand. I am already proud of it as it is with 17k word count, I have been working extra long hours with my girlfriend to get it going properly. That is my excitement for this morning but I got to get my butt in gear for this book, so see you all around. Love you all!! Inkitt: Wattpad:

Hot Spot Update for Wattpadders!!!

My book on is sitting at #2 on this morning, no joke at all! I am over the moon on this sudden wake up, my book is #2 in the HOT section that is unbelievable, Jana and Angel are getting loved.

Power Of Love-Wattpad

Inkitt & Expanding

Power Of Love-Inkitt
I have now moved Power Of Love to Inkitt for reaching out to more readers, now I know a good chunk of my followers are on Inkitt so if you wish to read Power Of Love there feel free too the more attention it gets the better because I want Jana & Angel to live on whether anyone wants me too or not. All writers do rewrites even my best friend has remade her books a time or two possibly more. So, my offer to everyone on Wattpad or Inkitt give Power Of Love much needed love when you can, thank you!
Chapter Nine is schedule to release by today or tomorrow for those that are reading and I am updating almost every day for this book not unless I am sick, my current word count with the help of my girlfriend for Chapter Eight is: 14,784 
I do also have it on NaNoWriMo this year:
I am also thinking about once it is done possibly put it on Smashwords to hopefully get more readers for this book and may run a decent price on it. The cover will change in time too wi…

~Love Story~

I can't do it to my readers, I just can't, I am tooooooo much of a softy. I am going back to writing a true love story for my two favorite character's. It isn't that I don't want any abuse or any of that but it just doesn't help my health any at all, my mental health can't handle it and so Jana and Angel are going for a love story that was the original plan from the gecko but it didn't turn out that way because of anger. My heart is going to write love stories true meaningful love stories in lesbian fiction.

If I publish again those of you will be aware by just looking out for a new book if you don't see it be advise Wattpad will have books. Thank you for you're endless support!

Power Of Love