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Sorry, Not Sorry

Hey everyone,

Christmas is edging closer so is new releases from any author you are anticipating from. Tomorrow is release day for Alicia Sophia on her book 1, 4, 3 so you better get your copy for Kindle and paperback is released tomorrow(I believe). Any who, as a self-published author, I have decided to not take the deal with a Publishing Company because for one it is too stressful and two I like having my freedom of editing, covers, and so forth. No contracts for this one, sorry folks, actually no, I am not because guess what? The asshole that is trying to make my writing a living hell. Can go to fucking hell, it is MY CAREER not yours. GET A LIFE!

Their now I said it and feel much better. I am definitely bringing out books in my own name along with Annora Rose. I will have a book out for Christmas and another maybe for Valentines Day, wouldn't that be icing on a cake for those reading my work. Now, for those that are new to Publishing, do not freak out if your work isn't pe…

This Is My Reason To Self-Publish

30 Reasons to #SelfPublish Your Book:📖
1. Wave bye-bye to the gatekeepers.
2. Never write a query letter or a book proposal.
3. You have complete control over the business of your book.
4. The timeline to publication decreases from 18–24 months to 6–12 months.
5. You keep the rights to your book (once you sign a contract for your book, it essentially belongs to the publisher, and it may belong to the publisher for the life of copyright, which is the life of the author plus 70 years after you die).
6. You choose the editor, designer, and formatter you want to work with.
7. Censorship won’t be an issue.
8. There are no rejection emails. Ever.
9. Move at your own pace.
10. There are tax write-offs once you’ve met certain requirements.
11. Choose your own pricing for the book (what are the traditional publishers thinking with those sky-high e-book prices?).
12. Choose where your book is sold (want to go wide? Do it!).
13. Enjoy higher royalties.
14. Proof that you can do something withou…

Release Of Books

Good morning!
If you haven't already taken note, yes, I have republished my work and I do plan on having more coming out for the end of 2018 into 2019 now if you don't know which book to expect well than I am not saying because of nosy people on here. If you are on Wattpad than you already know what to expect that could be released. I am doing my best not to get stressed including with NaNoWriMo in which I have done every year since 2015. No, I am not looking at reviews so if this one or two people wants to bash me well good for them, they have no life. I am proud to be an author and writer to my own terms if you disapprove, don't let the door hit you on the way out. 
Enjoy your Thanksgiving and see you all later for another blog update.

Update From Yesterday

It is verified that by the end of November, I am sending my book off to Newman Publishing Incorporation with hopes that they accept Power Of Love and even if they don't Self-Publishing is still an option. My supporters have already gave me the push to go forward and keep going. My friend Joann is helping me edit and I have reached out to get more readers though it is difficult when barely anyone wants to read an uncompleted book. Many have already enjoyed it.

Chapters 1-5 are edited, 6-10 are probably soon, and 11-20 within the next few days or so depending on how much Joann has to do. I have no idea how many Chapters I will reach since this book is in NaNoWriMo too for 50k word count but I am halfway there as of last night as of sitting at 25k so closer and closer even with a busy life.

This company does offer editing and so much more, so I am not out of the woods on anything if they do accept Power Of Love.

Have an awesome Tuesday and Go Out an Vote!!!

Publishing Company

Good news, I heard from a Publishing company in New Jersey from when I signed up with hopes of possibly seeing if one would take note(well that did happen). Newman Springs Publishing has contacted me and I am already so freaking nervous because I know not every Publisher is going to accept LGBT that is a fact. Here is the catch though they say that they accept ALL genre but so far not one person that has Published with this company has any LGBT on the shelf. Do I dare take the chance with my favorite book as of right now Power Of Love(when finished) manuscript and hand them over my book or do I hold out until I get another one? though this was weeks ago when I contacted to find someone but I am nail biting this moment because I want my book available everywhere. Their already sending me a brochure from there company too and a person has already called today.

I am so nervous and excited at the same time, I have paused my work because this moment made my morning b…

New Novel 2019

After Christmas and New Years mid-January I will be working on a brand new book that will most likely be introduced to NaNoWriMo 2019. I am not 100% sure what the Novel will be quite yet or in this case Novel's but it is my goal to bring in new work too. I do have new character names to work with for this new book, they are:

Billie Jackson

Kaci Newmen

Now, I am not sure what ideal Novel, I will be going with but these two character's will definitely be introduced by 2019 after I get Power Of Love finished and that goes off for editing along with getting other readers once I feel the editing is good enough. Anyways, that is my blog update for this morning. Have an awesome Monday!