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Author Support System

Uncompleted Series and Novels since 2016 to now if you don't understand a writers and/or authors struggle then don't judge. We work long hours, suffers writers block and try to keep readers interested. I'm an author of two names because of being hated by someone because I wanted to prove myself that I can be anything and 3 years later with 14 books published, I have come a very long way even with being bullied. Don't give up, stay strong and follow your dreams.

~Amber M. Kestner aka Annora Rose

Thank you to my support system for being there when I needed you.

Writers/Authors on Wattpad

Good morning!

It has been brought to my attention now that Wattpad can ban authors for using other Apps/Platforms for writing because a fellow author that is a good friend of mine that is an International Best Seller ended up being banned for using other Platforms than their's. It is pitiful when us author's try so hard to reach a new fan base besides Wattpad. I have been with Wattpad for years and have supported them like I do any other writing app/site. For those that have watched my work on Wattpad for years are probably wondering why I am posting this because for one I do not wish to lose any of my readers it would kill me so badly and two you need to be update as much as anyone else in social media aspect.

My new username for Wattpad is easy SeaSeaRose2010(my daughter if it helps)

I will have new books on there when I can for those to enjoy when I am feeling up to it right now my time is reading and keeping to myself due to my own life.

I am still on Inkitt, Dreame, Tapas…

Happily Ever After Book Promo

Happily Ever After is selling at $5.85 and still for free for Kindle Unlimited for those that wish to own it. Book 2 will be out by 2020 at the latest if you are curious where the story begins for Book 2 head on over to Wattpad, Inkitt and Dreame to find out more on this awesome book.

Ratings and Reviews are always welcome.

Do not bash, hate or I will report those that do bully it isn't tolerated by any other book industry and I will not put up with it.

Black Friday!

It is officially Black Friday meaning you will find lots of deals online and in store. Amazon restocked my paperback Novel of Happily Ever After and they cut the price down to $6.65 it was $7.00 so thanks to you amazing folks for buying it, I am offering it up front through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and where ever books are sold. You can get it for free on Smashwords with a coupon code.

Enjoy your Black Friday!

Success Has Arrived

Hello fellow readers, writers, and fans,

What an amazing two months have been for Happily Ever After since early releasing. I have never felt so successful, thanks to you wonderful people and following my progress. Happily Ever After not only since early release moved my author rank up immensely but has also improved sales by a ton. It isn't buying by normal price this is all Kindle Unlimited buyers. You have no idea, how much I can say that this has been the best 2019 success I have had and even though their is no reviews from readers, it is fine.

Happily Ever After 2 is set to release in 2020 or 2021 depending on how much I can get of it done. I wanted to release short novella's and novelette's but due to how much people are already enjoying Happily Ever After the first book, I am going to keep working on my two best characters for the time being. Jana and Angel still exist along with other ones but my heart right now is working through Addy and Harley learning them more…


I might actually reach Best Seller if this book in Kindle keeps going this is, wow! I am happy, I wrote it and it shows that readers are dying to read it or least have in their library or even Kindle Unlimited. I am proud of Happily Ever After.

#388 in LGBT Genre Fiction (Books)
#552 in Lesbian Fiction

NaNoWriMo 2019

Hey everyone,
NaNoWriMo is inching closer and I am participating with a whole new book to represent this year. It is for one of my dearest crushes, of course, I am not revealing whom that is not unless you are on Twitter or have read on Wattpad & Dreame App. Anyways, the newest book is called Daring To Love Her, it is set to have Chapter's out on November 1st, 2019 on Wattpad, Inkitt, and Dreame for this year as for it's release for Kindle, Paperback and Smashwords that I will not be telling you since I am not sure if I will make 50k in time but I will try even if I don't I will still be working on it. I will be introducing my character's tomorrow for this book especially the two main one's on Wattpad. So, I hope you all are enjoying the count down from other Author's and I will see you all again after NaNoWriMo before I disappear for Christmas break, haha, who I am kidding, I can't leave you all hanging forever. 
Love to you all.
~Amber M. Kestner

Free Kindle Book!!!

I am at 32 free sales if I reach #1 by Midnight on this book I will be so happy, I am sitting at #9 in free lesbian fiction.

Fall Update

Monday, October 14th, 2019 those on Smashwords will be able to get Happily Ever After and recommend for your libraries now to get your own copy, also recommend my other works too including A Girl For Her, Dating Miss. Lillian and many more for OverDrive.

Monday, October 28th, 2019 to Friday, November 1st, 2019 Happily Ever After will be free on Kindle for that week only.

I am in the process of Book 2 of Happily Ever After 2 so if you are on Wattpad, Inkitt, and Dreame just know it is entered for NaNoWriMo this year whether I make the goal or not, we will see but since it took me seven and a half months to write Book 1, we will see.

Love to you all & enjoy fall!

Happy National Coming Out Day!!

Happy National Coming Out Day! I am proud to be lesbian and also proud to be writing lesbian fiction for other readers to enjoy. I am not afraid of who I am anymore, and I stand with those that need help coming out to be themselves all year round.
~Amber M. Kestner

Early Release!!

Hey everyone!

Exciting news for those that do read my blogs. I am releasing Happily Ever After much earlier than scheduled due to it is my last book for 2019. Happily Ever After is releasing on October 7th(my birthday) to October 14th for both Smashwords and Kindle. I wanted to make this very special since all of the support from my fan base. I have never been so proud to see this come into light and I can't wait for the world to see what is in store for me by 2021 and what will become of my newly found achievements.

If you are on Wattpad, Inkitt and Dreame, I have a special surprise awaiting on the sites if you haven't already seen. I am also participating in NaNoWriMo for the third time in a row, how exciting.

I am still writing that is a fact unfortunately my silence doesn't come so easy when being an author but this is what I do for a living and makes me proud of how far I have comes.

And with this update, I will leave you to your decisions this October, enjoy your Hol…

A Year Off

It is official, I am taking a year off from writing not that I won't be, I promise you that I will probably be working on something but publishing will be slowing down. So, Happily Ever After is my last book for 2019-2020 and as for what will be released next, I have no clue but I have plenty of projects to do for Wattpad, Inkitt and Dreame for that being said is where you will find updates but no releases until September 2020 because this author is needing a break, a nice long one, three years of writing is amazing and has done me well but now it is time to just unwind and relax. I do appreciate all the support and hope to see new writers/authors in the near future. I am happy with my accomplishments and will be happy to be releasing more in time.

Love to you all!

~Amber M. Kestner aka Annora Rose

Biggest Dream For 2020

My biggest dream without making my books free for months at a time is to reach Best Seller not International or New York Times but at least once do it without anyone shaming me because I do things my own way. I am not perfect by any means but being an author has given me so much gratitude and self-reassurance over the three years of this success. I am proud of the books I do write and ones I can come up with, with some help of close friends. I would like in support of the LGBTQ+ Community to make my book Happily Ever After until April 2020 of release to be shown. So, whose willing to share my hard work?

Pre-Order for Amazon Kindle

I can do pre-orders for a whole year on both of my Amazon accounts for Amber M. Kestner & Annora Rose wooooooohooooooo hell yeah! I will have more time to plan out my books accordingly. First and foremost finish Happily Ever After and get it ready for pre-orders through Smashwords and Amazon. I am so excited.

Novel's and Poetry Books

Good morning everyone!
If you are looking to get my books on Smashwords than I am happy for you because I have decide to just charge for my Novel's and my poetry book.

A Girl's Heart To Poetry $.99
Clinging To Love $2.99
Power Of Love $2.99
A Girl For Her $2.99
Happily Ever After(Pre-order) $2.99

Yes, I have let them all have samplings so that way you all can decide which book you want but my book series' are free for those that wish to read them on Smashwords.

Have a great Thursday!

~Amber M. Kestner

Author Alert!

Author Alert:


Link to Smashwords:

Newly Updated Author Logo

Did some initial updating from the previous one and this one looks a lot better and seems to sit better to with a bigger heart to show. I hope it meets everyone else's approval's too. Have an awesome Monday!

~Amber M. Kestner

Update: Happily Ever After

Good morning everyone!

Happily Ever After is now extended to one book instead of two and is updated when this author gets a chance it is on Wattpad, Inkitt, and Dreame for all the new updates it is up to Chapter 40 as of yesterday with 44k word count. No, it isn't completed even with 1k word count each chapter for each character, you will see when you read it that this book is filled with so much telling that it will blow you're heart away.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Feelings Towards Other Humans

Hello everyone,

I have posted this morning on both my facebook pages that I will be making a blog discussing as to what I experienced and explain my cursing which I rarely do to begin with out of respect for my daughter whose nine today, happy birthday princess. Anyways, this is what I need to discuss with everyone including my reading fan base who has to deal with a lot too especially in the dating world (my own for being a lesbian). I met a woman yesterday on Utherverse, I will not display her username but let me tell you this, I have never heard anything like it. So, as I got to talking to her more especially last night, she told me that I shouldn't have feelings when getting to know people there. Now, don't get me wrong, you can have no feelings but in this case I am already a emotional woman always have been and always will be. But I wanted to know more of her point of view, so I took it upon myself to talk with her more after the first discussion, yeah, I admit bad idea …

Book Reviews

The meaning behind book reviews:
They are for you're readers to engage and some times a positive/negative view for the Author to see if they wish.

I have dealt with positive and negative reviews since 2016. I am not ashamed to say I am not the greatest Author of all time either, I do have my struggles, and they are as real as they come when writing books. I am not a New York Times Best Seller or anything beyond Amazon Best Seller. My reviews have been harsh and quite personal to some extent including on Amazon. Now, seeing beyond Goodreads and Amazon such as Nook, I have gotten rather funny ones that want to make me laugh. I have read two so far from Barnes & Noble for my book A Girl For Her and they are something else one complained of it not being Narrated properly, excuse me reader that is an ebook not an Audible big difference that made me laugh and dearly, my second reader complained it was to fast pace, misspellings, and didn't have a proper storyline that it was all…

Wattpad Only

30 Chapters for Book 1 of Happily Ever After with 1k word count each you are wondering why in the world am I telling you this well my plans are going accordingly to make this a Novel length book so as I have already set Author Notes for Dreame and Inkitt the only way anyone is going to read Book 2(Part 2) however you want to call it will be here on Wattpad and if no one wants to read more of Happily Ever After then they will wait for it to be Published through Amazon and Smashwords otherwise these are my plans and I hope my fans will follow no matter where I go with this book on this wild adventure with Addy and Harley.

It is also participating in Camp Nanowrimo and Pretty Pink Nerd Awards for Part 1. For more of my plans look down below at the picture:

That is my goal for this book!

~Amber M. Kestner

Expecting My Next Release

Hey lovely readers & writers,

My adoring fan base, oh, how I love you people. So, as it has came to my attention I have no releases at this point until I am where I need to be for either name which are Amber M. Kestner and Annora Rose. Currently just working on Happily Ever After it is going to take me quite a while to accomplish though it is my most successful. As of last night I did the math to make this book longer than Annabel's Fate, A Girl For Her, Clinging To Love, and Power Of Love, I have had to make additional updates to it that way it can be long and enjoyable. If you haven't gotten to know Addy Keith and Harley Rayne, well you have plenty of opportunity to read it at Wattpad, Inkitt, and Dreame an it will be massive story telling because of how many parts I will need to make it this huge book for everyone to read and enjoy. This book has become my success across the interwebs lol yes, I said it interwebs. Anywho, it hasn't reached 1k readers or more but it …

Fiction Mixed With Reality

We all love writing a good book even with reality in it, right? I know I do that is how Jana and Angel is based off on some standards but it is fiction. Let me tell you this, I love writing books for family, friends, and fans. Happily Ever After is based on a falseness relationship that I ended up marrying a woman on IMVU. Yeah, that site, trust me as a thirty year old, it isn't for me, and I have since found where I belong for the better with two to three of my closets best friends. I should know better than to be a desperate woman who craves attention but hey, we all get that way. Anyways, I met Sierra/Celeste out of the blue through a club on IMVU yeah, surprisingly she goes by two names. We hit it off good and everything is fine until she decides to go back to her ex on IMVU, great, grand, fabulous that is one in the gut because I actually liked her. Several months later she is back in my life, married, and so forth better late than never right because I never been married on …

Checking In

Long time no see, not unless you have been on Wattpad, Facebook, and Inkitt for updates. I am back to being a full time writer again. I am working on Happily Ever After as we speak so that is a major plus because I know for those reading on Wattpad, Inkitt, and Dreame are itching for more but since my family member is at home in the heavens with other family, I am content and just happy to go on with life. It is an experience that we all prepare for in our life time to see someone go on beyond the earth. Now, I have no idea for a next release for this year since Publishing A Girl's Heart To Poetry and Power Of Love though I have made success on Goodreads by a fan whose rated a good chunk of my books 5 stars and my sales on Amazon have somewhat improved since that FREE offer on June 3rd to June 7th. Well, for those on Smashwords for the month of July, I have all my set FREE for those who want them and I mean ALL MONTH OF JULY for my books ain't that a good thing. If you are won…

Please Read!

Good morning my lovely readers,
As of yesterday afternoon a family member had passed away an it has tore me to pieces. No, I haven't broke down and cried but that is because I usually wait until later on. Anyway, as of right now we are awaiting news from another family member for when the funeral will be. I am taking time off of writing on my books until I feel I can again. I am not leaving what is part of me, I am always going to be writing but as of right now I can't say when I will again. I hope you all will continue to read my books just know I love your endless support and glad to have you all in my life.
Thank you for your understanding.

Amazon Best Seller for Both Names!

I have made best seller on almost ALL of my books once again for free on my own work. I made Amazon Best Seller once again woooohooooo minus my poetry book which is fine but I am glad to see that many on for Lesbian Fiction.

My bad my poetry book is too. So, yes ALL of my books have made best seller some how or another. Yay!!!


FREE! you read right the word FREE is up again and you know why? Well, I am going to tell you for all those that have been waiting patiently for my Amazon books to FREE has this chance for ALL of my books under both Amber M. Kestner and Annora Rose this is for ALL Kindle ebooks only! So, pass it on to you're friends because I am hoping this will be lift off of the year.

June 3rd, 2019 to June 7th, 2019 grab your free copies of either name. Happy reading!

Release Day #2 of 2019

Good morning! Today is my second release into 2019 and I couldn't be any more excited when I released my other books because this is officially book number 13 to both names Amber M. Kestner & Annora Rose. I am presenting you with my release as of May 29th, 2019 the most romantic book of the season....POWER OF LOVE! yes, it is release on Kindle and Smashwords(it'll be free by the way).

Future releases:

Happily Ever After(with possibly a second edition don't quote me on that.)
Shay's Burning Desire
Keeping Her A Secret
Marrying Miss. Lillian
Hidden Secrets
Ten Years Later
Sweet Innocence
Scarlett & Angel
Beginning Of Hope
Giving Her Up
Chasing Her Heart
Always Her Heart

And beyond that point, I have no idea what will be released into the future but otherwise those are future releases for the unknown. A good chunk of those are Annora Rose's too that need to be released in the near future. Now, I will leave you with a quote:

“There is no greater agony than bear…

Release Day #1 of 2019

Good morning! Today is the day, May 24th, 2019 I have officially released my 12th book to my name and 4th book to my real name. I am so excited to have made another book out into the world, it is so exciting to release my own books with the joys of announcements. You can find the Kindle Version of A Girl's Heart To Poetry on Amazon and Paperback will either be released tonight or tomorrow depending on Amazon an when their done with reviews but that is where you can buy my book or go to Smashwords an get a ebook copy for any version you like.

A Girl For Her Novel & Power Of Love Novel

A Girl For Her Novel will never have a happy ending even though it is one of my biggest books out there besides Annabel's Fate & Clinging To Love. A Girl For Her Novel was going to be a happy ending but when it came to finish it fate had a different plan and making it a heartbreaking tale. Now don't get me wrong this is a great book for those that love to read about heartbreak, death, and the way life is an can be of a loved one. It wasn't my initial plan to kill any book character from any of my books but what writer/author goes by the book especially ones that write horror, fantasy, and fan fiction? I have yet to see any lesbian fiction books with death involved not one person in the author industry of lesbian fiction has written death in their books it is always some sappy love story at least as far as I know if their is a few that have then I am not aware because I don't get time to read others books as I am to busy writing my own. You might even be wondering w…

13 Book Promo, New Book & Website

Hey everyone, 
Wow! what a busy schedule it has been. Good news, A Girl's Heart To Poetry in Paperback will be released the 25th of May, and June 1st for Power Of Love, I would like to thank Kaylee Campbell and Shakyra Dunn for editing my books to the best of their ability an timing. A Girl For Her Novel is still chart topping in reads every where that is amazing. 
Besides paperback announcements, I would like to bring to your attention all 13 of my books are promoted as of right now through this link:
Will also add my new website link here:
and last but not least my newest book in the follow locations:
can be found on Dreame App too.
Now, I am not sure if my IMVU wife Mrs. SierraRayne will let me publish it publically through Amazon or Smashwords but when the t…

Libraries & BookStores

You know why my books are online instead of in stores or local libraries in the nations across the world? Because as an Indie Author, I am scared even to ask my own local library if they could take my books and the fact I live in a Christianity state that is against LGBTQ Communities, trust me I would love to see my books on shelves for people to grab at any point and can learn about true love whether teacher and student, best friends, princess and angel, and so many other worlds but we all know in society we still face with bullying an hatred. I am not saying I can't do it, it is just that I won't because I know this area lived here for ten years and even I was to go into Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million i'd probably be getting looked at quite funny especially around these neck of the woods for wanting Lesbian Fiction in a section to be found either Romance or Fiction but yes, that is why when you go to library or a bookstore let them know hey, I want this from this …

Jana & Angel Volume 2

Yes, my fellow readers I do realize their is a section missing in Jana & Angel Volume 2 where Jana breaks her leg and her parents are involved, I will go back later on an fix it, I just don't have the time with other requests for my books like Marrying Miss. Lillian, Shay's Burning Desire, and Keeping Her A Secret along with any others that are needing to be released. So don't be alarmed because I am well aware of the mistake of the passage, and in the mean time I do hope you enjoy the series as more becomes available.

New Website & New Logo

I have made a name for myself in many ways and this is just the beginning, I have worked hard this morning on making a new website and logo to enjoy. So with that being said here is my new website and logo:

I Have Tried

Well, I tried a third time to make sales hoping it'd be the charm for Smashwords and it ended up being a big fail no one bought nothing so it made for a miserable time for anyone who wanted my books. As soon as I set them free, sales start climbing so I am just going to leave them free and who ever wants to buy through Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, and where ever books are sold to buy them then they can get it that way other wise I am going to keep writing and keep Publishing. I am proud to have 13 books to my name every where and everyone can read them for their own enjoyment. I want sales, yes, like any other Author but it isn't always going to happen but at least I am doing this for myself.  I am also still on the fence of doing Audiobooks for my readers but then again, I am not sure many would like my books on Audio since my books aren't even five star worthy like some other self-published Author's I have seen succeeded, and I think that is because …

Update On Edited Books!

5 out of 13 books are republished with editing done the list is:
Jana & Angel Volume 1,2 and 3 A Girl's Heart To Poetry Dating Miss. Lillian
My current editor is on leave due to family and I wish her all the best when she does return.
Releasing in May:
A Girl's Heart To Poetry
Power Of Love
2019-2020 Releases:
Keeping Her A Secret Marrying Miss. Lillian Shay's Burning Desire Scarlett & Angel Volume 4 & many more releases to come within the future.
Keep up to date by reading ends of my books or here on my blogs. I am happy to have made these accomplishments with editors involved.
Smashwords all books are priced just like Amazon if you wish to read for free their is Inkitt, Dreame and Wattpad.


Hey everyone,

So, on addition to having my books on Amazon, Smashwords, Inkitt, Wattpad, and every online book store possible. I have began adding my books to this new site called Dreame(new to me). I have applied 3 out of 14 books to be edited by them but I am hoping to gain followers too like I have other places. My books are still being edited so if they disappear from Amazon or Smashwords that is why but they will be back on the line that is a fact. Power Of Love is in process at the end of the month and my new friend Kaylee has taken on my old work with fixing them. Jacqueline Dohim has introduced me to Dreame an with hopes I will get readers for anywhere in the world for those that want my books.

I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend, I am going to be working my ass off while sick, yay me!! lol


Follow Your Dreams!

Whether editing on my terms or someone else's, I'm successful with 13 books to my name. I am a Braxton County, West Virginia Author of Lesbian Fiction! I am happy with what I have accomplished and have learned to not let Amazon reviews get me, this is my positive note from this morning:

All I keep saying to myself, "Don't look at the bad reviews on Amazon, keep moving forward, you are successful, they are just jealous because you can make books, just keep going, stay focus." It is on repeat. I do also have quotes on my wall to help too. "Believe In Yourself", "Keep Your Spirits High", "This Is What Dreams ARE Made Of", "An Author Never Gives Up <3", "Success Comes <3 Along Way", and "Rankings Don't Matter Neither Does Critics."

Building up a brick wall has helped tune that out of how bad I know they can be whether I fix my own books or someone else as long as I am happy with my own work then I…


I have two people editing my work, I am not sure if my first editor will stick around but if she likes to help that would be wonderful. My second one offered to help me too to get myself off the ground and I am happy to have more hands on this. So, yes, all of my future books will be edited by one or both of these two people and I am trusting them to enjoy working on my hard work at their own pace. We will see my books fully edited and better outcome for the future.


I am going to tell everyone just once that I have used Grammarly and I didn't like it, I used it on Dating Miss. Lillian that is why the damn editing is crappy on it. Do I care how many times people tell me, NO, I am not bothering with it. I know all of my books have mistakes but guess what, I never said I was perfect at writing or editing at least I have tried. If you want to fix my books for me, I will more than gladly hand them over to you for free and you can fix them the way you see fit, I will even make you my editor but honestly, just stop! I know what is wrong with my books, and I will tell you if it is good enough for me it should be for everyone else too. I am not sitting here for hours editing over 1,000+ times on a book, I get paranoid enough especially when my ex gets involved and he doesn't even read my books. So, please out of respect just enjoy a good book, alright. Thank you have a nice day!

Free Books!!!

All of my books are free on Smashwords besides A Girl's Heart To Poetry until it is released in May than it will be set free, same with future releases. Please feel free to get your books or any of the books that you will like for ebooks. Love to you all! Pass on to your friends.

Look up Amber M. Kestner for all of my books.

Releasing In May

Coming In May are these two books!

A Girl's Heart To Poetry Releasing On May 24th, 2019

Power Of Love Releasing On May 29th, 2019

I am excited for these two releases as I have been working hard to make it happen especially this year, I do plan on having more as I am getting more praises on my books and making them free in certain locations. I hope you all enjoy what is to come.



For those that are harassing me on Amazon, I have reported you and I would expect you to be banned soon because these guidelines are where they stand an if you keep it up, I will find out who you are an I will keep reporting you this isn't a game to sit there and harass someone over something they have no control over or even just bashing because you feel like it. So, here is the guidelines from Amazon:

Respect Others

Amazon values diverse opinions, so you may disagree with some content that you come across. Keep in mind that something that may be disagreeable to you may not violate our Guidelines. In order to maintain a welcoming environment for all users, your participation in the Community must always be respectful of others. In particular:

Don't post content that is libelous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, or inflammatory. For example, don't use obscenities or profanity, and don't express hatred or intolerance for people on the basis of race, ethnicity, nation…

Building My World

Best books on Smashwords that are selling:

A Girl For Her Series with 223 that is with Gothic Princess and Angel Series with 222.

A Girl For Her Novel with 281 that is with Clinging To Love with 199.

For setting my books free, I have made more sales this way than I have in the three years I have been a published author. I am still building as an author and always will. I love making books this is my world.

You Have Heard Of Me

This is how I feel about one star reviews(even when they don't leave an opinion) have heard of me and that is all that matters to me. I have at least put my name out there, I am not famous but at least their are people looking.

Adding To My Books

My book list is about to be big now since I have added Annora Rose's books to my own name now through Smashwords. So, not only are you getting my personal books but also getting my pen name ones too with hopes this helps sales wise in the future with other books.

On top of that, my desktop computer is in the shop once again due to hard drive issues. I am borrowing family members computers to do what I need too because I don't trust my own laptop at this point since my daughter spilled milk on the keys.

So, as of right now the only one looking to be released next is Power Of Love as soon as possible, I know it is due out Valentines Day along with Scarlett & Angel but I haven't been able to stay focus with everything going on around me and people messaging me daily.

I am hoping to have more releases this year, I do have a big line up as it is for releases.

That is all I have for today. See you later!



My books are on Smashwords at least A Girl For Her Series it is for FREE to read besides Amazon promotions that are happening too. So, if you have Smashwords that is where to find my books at now too.


Continue to support your Indie Author's whether we are new or expanding our love for reading!


Both author accounts Amber M. Kestner & Annora Rose have free books this week from Jan. 3rd to Jan. 7th the only one that didn't make free promotion is Jana & Angel Volume 1 and one of Annora's books didn't make it to a full five days but otherwise you all have the opportunity to get free copies of the Kindle books.

Free promotion for Jana & Angel Volume 1 begins 4th to the 8th. I have made sales on my other books thank goodness for the free promotion.