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Adding To My Books

My book list is about to be big now since I have added Annora Rose's books to my own name now through Smashwords. So, not only are you getting my personal books but also getting my pen name ones too with hopes this helps sales wise in the future with other books.

On top of that, my desktop computer is in the shop once again due to hard drive issues. I am borrowing family members computers to do what I need too because I don't trust my own laptop at this point since my daughter spilled milk on the keys.

So, as of right now the only one looking to be released next is Power Of Love as soon as possible, I know it is due out Valentines Day along with Scarlett & Angel but I haven't been able to stay focus with everything going on around me and people messaging me daily.

I am hoping to have more releases this year, I do have a big line up as it is for releases.

That is all I have for today. See you later!



My books are on Smashwords at least A Girl For Her Series it is for FREE to read besides Amazon promotions that are happening too. So, if you have Smashwords that is where to find my books at now too.


Continue to support your Indie Author's whether we are new or expanding our love for reading!


Both author accounts Amber M. Kestner & Annora Rose have free books this week from Jan. 3rd to Jan. 7th the only one that didn't make free promotion is Jana & Angel Volume 1 and one of Annora's books didn't make it to a full five days but otherwise you all have the opportunity to get free copies of the Kindle books.

Free promotion for Jana & Angel Volume 1 begins 4th to the 8th. I have made sales on my other books thank goodness for the free promotion.