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Hey everyone,

So, on addition to having my books on Amazon, Smashwords, Inkitt, Wattpad, and every online book store possible. I have began adding my books to this new site called Dreame(new to me). I have applied 3 out of 14 books to be edited by them but I am hoping to gain followers too like I have other places. My books are still being edited so if they disappear from Amazon or Smashwords that is why but they will be back on the line that is a fact. Power Of Love is in process at the end of the month and my new friend Kaylee has taken on my old work with fixing them. Jacqueline Dohim has introduced me to Dreame an with hopes I will get readers for anywhere in the world for those that want my books.

I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend, I am going to be working my ass off while sick, yay me!! lol


Follow Your Dreams!

Whether editing on my terms or someone else's, I'm successful with 13 books to my name. I am a Braxton County, West Virginia Author of Lesbian Fiction! I am happy with what I have accomplished and have learned to not let Amazon reviews get me, this is my positive note from this morning:

All I keep saying to myself, "Don't look at the bad reviews on Amazon, keep moving forward, you are successful, they are just jealous because you can make books, just keep going, stay focus." It is on repeat. I do also have quotes on my wall to help too. "Believe In Yourself", "Keep Your Spirits High", "This Is What Dreams ARE Made Of", "An Author Never Gives Up <3", "Success Comes <3 Along Way", and "Rankings Don't Matter Neither Does Critics."

Building up a brick wall has helped tune that out of how bad I know they can be whether I fix my own books or someone else as long as I am happy with my own work then I…


I have two people editing my work, I am not sure if my first editor will stick around but if she likes to help that would be wonderful. My second one offered to help me too to get myself off the ground and I am happy to have more hands on this. So, yes, all of my future books will be edited by one or both of these two people and I am trusting them to enjoy working on my hard work at their own pace. We will see my books fully edited and better outcome for the future.


I am going to tell everyone just once that I have used Grammarly and I didn't like it, I used it on Dating Miss. Lillian that is why the damn editing is crappy on it. Do I care how many times people tell me, NO, I am not bothering with it. I know all of my books have mistakes but guess what, I never said I was perfect at writing or editing at least I have tried. If you want to fix my books for me, I will more than gladly hand them over to you for free and you can fix them the way you see fit, I will even make you my editor but honestly, just stop! I know what is wrong with my books, and I will tell you if it is good enough for me it should be for everyone else too. I am not sitting here for hours editing over 1,000+ times on a book, I get paranoid enough especially when my ex gets involved and he doesn't even read my books. So, please out of respect just enjoy a good book, alright. Thank you have a nice day!

Free Books!!!

All of my books are free on Smashwords besides A Girl's Heart To Poetry until it is released in May than it will be set free, same with future releases. Please feel free to get your books or any of the books that you will like for ebooks. Love to you all! Pass on to your friends.

Look up Amber M. Kestner for all of my books.

Releasing In May

Coming In May are these two books!

A Girl's Heart To Poetry Releasing On May 24th, 2019

Power Of Love Releasing On May 29th, 2019

I am excited for these two releases as I have been working hard to make it happen especially this year, I do plan on having more as I am getting more praises on my books and making them free in certain locations. I hope you all enjoy what is to come.