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Libraries & BookStores

You know why my books are online instead of in stores or local libraries in the nations across the world? Because as an Indie Author, I am scared even to ask my own local library if they could take my books and the fact I live in a Christianity state that is against LGBTQ Communities, trust me I would love to see my books on shelves for people to grab at any point and can learn about true love whether teacher and student, best friends, princess and angel, and so many other worlds but we all know in society we still face with bullying an hatred. I am not saying I can't do it, it is just that I won't because I know this area lived here for ten years and even I was to go into Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million i'd probably be getting looked at quite funny especially around these neck of the woods for wanting Lesbian Fiction in a section to be found either Romance or Fiction but yes, that is why when you go to library or a bookstore let them know hey, I want this from this …

Jana & Angel Volume 2

Yes, my fellow readers I do realize their is a section missing in Jana & Angel Volume 2 where Jana breaks her leg and her parents are involved, I will go back later on an fix it, I just don't have the time with other requests for my books like Marrying Miss. Lillian, Shay's Burning Desire, and Keeping Her A Secret along with any others that are needing to be released. So don't be alarmed because I am well aware of the mistake of the passage, and in the mean time I do hope you enjoy the series as more becomes available.

New Website & New Logo

I have made a name for myself in many ways and this is just the beginning, I have worked hard this morning on making a new website and logo to enjoy. So with that being said here is my new website and logo:

I Have Tried

Well, I tried a third time to make sales hoping it'd be the charm for Smashwords and it ended up being a big fail no one bought nothing so it made for a miserable time for anyone who wanted my books. As soon as I set them free, sales start climbing so I am just going to leave them free and who ever wants to buy through Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, and where ever books are sold to buy them then they can get it that way other wise I am going to keep writing and keep Publishing. I am proud to have 13 books to my name every where and everyone can read them for their own enjoyment. I want sales, yes, like any other Author but it isn't always going to happen but at least I am doing this for myself.  I am also still on the fence of doing Audiobooks for my readers but then again, I am not sure many would like my books on Audio since my books aren't even five star worthy like some other self-published Author's I have seen succeeded, and I think that is because …

Update On Edited Books!

5 out of 13 books are republished with editing done the list is:
Jana & Angel Volume 1,2 and 3 A Girl's Heart To Poetry Dating Miss. Lillian
My current editor is on leave due to family and I wish her all the best when she does return.
Releasing in May:
A Girl's Heart To Poetry
Power Of Love
2019-2020 Releases:
Keeping Her A Secret Marrying Miss. Lillian Shay's Burning Desire Scarlett & Angel Volume 4 & many more releases to come within the future.
Keep up to date by reading ends of my books or here on my blogs. I am happy to have made these accomplishments with editors involved.
Smashwords all books are priced just like Amazon if you wish to read for free their is Inkitt, Dreame and Wattpad.