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FREE! you read right the word FREE is up again and you know why? Well, I am going to tell you for all those that have been waiting patiently for my Amazon books to FREE has this chance for ALL of my books under both Amber M. Kestner and Annora Rose this is for ALL Kindle ebooks only! So, pass it on to you're friends because I am hoping this will be lift off of the year.

June 3rd, 2019 to June 7th, 2019 grab your free copies of either name. Happy reading!

Release Day #2 of 2019

Good morning! Today is my second release into 2019 and I couldn't be any more excited when I released my other books because this is officially book number 13 to both names Amber M. Kestner & Annora Rose. I am presenting you with my release as of May 29th, 2019 the most romantic book of the season....POWER OF LOVE! yes, it is release on Kindle and Smashwords(it'll be free by the way).

Future releases:

Happily Ever After(with possibly a second edition don't quote me on that.)
Shay's Burning Desire
Keeping Her A Secret
Marrying Miss. Lillian
Hidden Secrets
Ten Years Later
Sweet Innocence
Scarlett & Angel
Beginning Of Hope
Giving Her Up
Chasing Her Heart
Always Her Heart

And beyond that point, I have no idea what will be released into the future but otherwise those are future releases for the unknown. A good chunk of those are Annora Rose's too that need to be released in the near future. Now, I will leave you with a quote:

“There is no greater agony than bear…

Release Day #1 of 2019

Good morning! Today is the day, May 24th, 2019 I have officially released my 12th book to my name and 4th book to my real name. I am so excited to have made another book out into the world, it is so exciting to release my own books with the joys of announcements. You can find the Kindle Version of A Girl's Heart To Poetry on Amazon and Paperback will either be released tonight or tomorrow depending on Amazon an when their done with reviews but that is where you can buy my book or go to Smashwords an get a ebook copy for any version you like.

A Girl For Her Novel & Power Of Love Novel

A Girl For Her Novel will never have a happy ending even though it is one of my biggest books out there besides Annabel's Fate & Clinging To Love. A Girl For Her Novel was going to be a happy ending but when it came to finish it fate had a different plan and making it a heartbreaking tale. Now don't get me wrong this is a great book for those that love to read about heartbreak, death, and the way life is an can be of a loved one. It wasn't my initial plan to kill any book character from any of my books but what writer/author goes by the book especially ones that write horror, fantasy, and fan fiction? I have yet to see any lesbian fiction books with death involved not one person in the author industry of lesbian fiction has written death in their books it is always some sappy love story at least as far as I know if their is a few that have then I am not aware because I don't get time to read others books as I am to busy writing my own. You might even be wondering w…

13 Book Promo, New Book & Website

Hey everyone, 
Wow! what a busy schedule it has been. Good news, A Girl's Heart To Poetry in Paperback will be released the 25th of May, and June 1st for Power Of Love, I would like to thank Kaylee Campbell and Shakyra Dunn for editing my books to the best of their ability an timing. A Girl For Her Novel is still chart topping in reads every where that is amazing. 
Besides paperback announcements, I would like to bring to your attention all 13 of my books are promoted as of right now through this link:
Will also add my new website link here:
and last but not least my newest book in the follow locations:
can be found on Dreame App too.
Now, I am not sure if my IMVU wife Mrs. SierraRayne will let me publish it publically through Amazon or Smashwords but when the t…