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Book Reviews

The meaning behind book reviews:
They are for you're readers to engage and some times a positive/negative view for the Author to see if they wish.

I have dealt with positive and negative reviews since 2016. I am not ashamed to say I am not the greatest Author of all time either, I do have my struggles, and they are as real as they come when writing books. I am not a New York Times Best Seller or anything beyond Amazon Best Seller. My reviews have been harsh and quite personal to some extent including on Amazon. Now, seeing beyond Goodreads and Amazon such as Nook, I have gotten rather funny ones that want to make me laugh. I have read two so far from Barnes & Noble for my book A Girl For Her and they are something else one complained of it not being Narrated properly, excuse me reader that is an ebook not an Audible big difference that made me laugh and dearly, my second reader complained it was to fast pace, misspellings, and didn't have a proper storyline that it was all…

Wattpad Only

30 Chapters for Book 1 of Happily Ever After with 1k word count each you are wondering why in the world am I telling you this well my plans are going accordingly to make this a Novel length book so as I have already set Author Notes for Dreame and Inkitt the only way anyone is going to read Book 2(Part 2) however you want to call it will be here on Wattpad and if no one wants to read more of Happily Ever After then they will wait for it to be Published through Amazon and Smashwords otherwise these are my plans and I hope my fans will follow no matter where I go with this book on this wild adventure with Addy and Harley.

It is also participating in Camp Nanowrimo and Pretty Pink Nerd Awards for Part 1. For more of my plans look down below at the picture:

That is my goal for this book!

~Amber M. Kestner

Expecting My Next Release

Hey lovely readers & writers,

My adoring fan base, oh, how I love you people. So, as it has came to my attention I have no releases at this point until I am where I need to be for either name which are Amber M. Kestner and Annora Rose. Currently just working on Happily Ever After it is going to take me quite a while to accomplish though it is my most successful. As of last night I did the math to make this book longer than Annabel's Fate, A Girl For Her, Clinging To Love, and Power Of Love, I have had to make additional updates to it that way it can be long and enjoyable. If you haven't gotten to know Addy Keith and Harley Rayne, well you have plenty of opportunity to read it at Wattpad, Inkitt, and Dreame an it will be massive story telling because of how many parts I will need to make it this huge book for everyone to read and enjoy. This book has become my success across the interwebs lol yes, I said it interwebs. Anywho, it hasn't reached 1k readers or more but it …

Fiction Mixed With Reality

We all love writing a good book even with reality in it, right? I know I do that is how Jana and Angel is based off on some standards but it is fiction. Let me tell you this, I love writing books for family, friends, and fans. Happily Ever After is based on a falseness relationship that I ended up marrying a woman on IMVU. Yeah, that site, trust me as a thirty year old, it isn't for me, and I have since found where I belong for the better with two to three of my closets best friends. I should know better than to be a desperate woman who craves attention but hey, we all get that way. Anyways, I met Sierra/Celeste out of the blue through a club on IMVU yeah, surprisingly she goes by two names. We hit it off good and everything is fine until she decides to go back to her ex on IMVU, great, grand, fabulous that is one in the gut because I actually liked her. Several months later she is back in my life, married, and so forth better late than never right because I never been married on …