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Novel's and Poetry Books

Good morning everyone!
If you are looking to get my books on Smashwords than I am happy for you because I have decide to just charge for my Novel's and my poetry book.

A Girl's Heart To Poetry $.99
Clinging To Love $2.99
Power Of Love $2.99
A Girl For Her $2.99
Happily Ever After(Pre-order) $2.99

Yes, I have let them all have samplings so that way you all can decide which book you want but my book series' are free for those that wish to read them on Smashwords.

Have a great Thursday!

~Amber M. Kestner

Author Alert!

Author Alert:


Link to Smashwords:

Newly Updated Author Logo

Did some initial updating from the previous one and this one looks a lot better and seems to sit better to with a bigger heart to show. I hope it meets everyone else's approval's too. Have an awesome Monday!

~Amber M. Kestner

Update: Happily Ever After

Good morning everyone!

Happily Ever After is now extended to one book instead of two and is updated when this author gets a chance it is on Wattpad, Inkitt, and Dreame for all the new updates it is up to Chapter 40 as of yesterday with 44k word count. No, it isn't completed even with 1k word count each chapter for each character, you will see when you read it that this book is filled with so much telling that it will blow you're heart away.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Feelings Towards Other Humans

Hello everyone,

I have posted this morning on both my facebook pages that I will be making a blog discussing as to what I experienced and explain my cursing which I rarely do to begin with out of respect for my daughter whose nine today, happy birthday princess. Anyways, this is what I need to discuss with everyone including my reading fan base who has to deal with a lot too especially in the dating world (my own for being a lesbian). I met a woman yesterday on Utherverse, I will not display her username but let me tell you this, I have never heard anything like it. So, as I got to talking to her more especially last night, she told me that I shouldn't have feelings when getting to know people there. Now, don't get me wrong, you can have no feelings but in this case I am already a emotional woman always have been and always will be. But I wanted to know more of her point of view, so I took it upon myself to talk with her more after the first discussion, yeah, I admit bad idea …