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A Year Off

It is official, I am taking a year off from writing not that I won't be, I promise you that I will probably be working on something but publishing will be slowing down. So, Happily Ever After is my last book for 2019-2020 and as for what will be released next, I have no clue but I have plenty of projects to do for Wattpad, Inkitt and Dreame for that being said is where you will find updates but no releases until September 2020 because this author is needing a break, a nice long one, three years of writing is amazing and has done me well but now it is time to just unwind and relax. I do appreciate all the support and hope to see new writers/authors in the near future. I am happy with my accomplishments and will be happy to be releasing more in time.

Love to you all!

~Amber M. Kestner aka Annora Rose

Biggest Dream For 2020

My biggest dream without making my books free for months at a time is to reach Best Seller not International or New York Times but at least once do it without anyone shaming me because I do things my own way. I am not perfect by any means but being an author has given me so much gratitude and self-reassurance over the three years of this success. I am proud of the books I do write and ones I can come up with, with some help of close friends. I would like in support of the LGBTQ+ Community to make my book Happily Ever After until April 2020 of release to be shown. So, whose willing to share my hard work?

Pre-Order for Amazon Kindle

I can do pre-orders for a whole year on both of my Amazon accounts for Amber M. Kestner & Annora Rose wooooooohooooooo hell yeah! I will have more time to plan out my books accordingly. First and foremost finish Happily Ever After and get it ready for pre-orders through Smashwords and Amazon. I am so excited.