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Black Friday!

It is officially Black Friday meaning you will find lots of deals online and in store. Amazon restocked my paperback Novel of Happily Ever After and they cut the price down to $6.65 it was $7.00 so thanks to you amazing folks for buying it, I am offering it up front through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and where ever books are sold. You can get it for free on Smashwords with a coupon code.

Enjoy your Black Friday!

Success Has Arrived

Hello fellow readers, writers, and fans,

What an amazing two months have been for Happily Ever After since early releasing. I have never felt so successful, thanks to you wonderful people and following my progress. Happily Ever After not only since early release moved my author rank up immensely but has also improved sales by a ton. It isn't buying by normal price this is all Kindle Unlimited buyers. You have no idea, how much I can say that this has been the best 2019 success I have had and even though their is no reviews from readers, it is fine.

Happily Ever After 2 is set to release in 2020 or 2021 depending on how much I can get of it done. I wanted to release short novella's and novelette's but due to how much people are already enjoying Happily Ever After the first book, I am going to keep working on my two best characters for the time being. Jana and Angel still exist along with other ones but my heart right now is working through Addy and Harley learning them more…


I might actually reach Best Seller if this book in Kindle keeps going this is, wow! I am happy, I wrote it and it shows that readers are dying to read it or least have in their library or even Kindle Unlimited. I am proud of Happily Ever After.

#388 in LGBT Genre Fiction (Books)
#552 in Lesbian Fiction