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Author Support System

Uncompleted Series and Novels since 2016 to now if you don't understand a writers and/or authors struggle then don't judge. We work long hours, suffers writers block and try to keep readers interested. I'm an author of two names because of being hated by someone because I wanted to prove myself that I can be anything and 3 years later with 14 books published, I have come a very long way even with being bullied. Don't give up, stay strong and follow your dreams.

~Amber M. Kestner aka Annora Rose

Thank you to my support system for being there when I needed you.

Writers/Authors on Wattpad

Good morning!

It has been brought to my attention now that Wattpad can ban authors for using other Apps/Platforms for writing because a fellow author that is a good friend of mine that is an International Best Seller ended up being banned for using other Platforms than their's. It is pitiful when us author's try so hard to reach a new fan base besides Wattpad. I have been with Wattpad for years and have supported them like I do any other writing app/site. For those that have watched my work on Wattpad for years are probably wondering why I am posting this because for one I do not wish to lose any of my readers it would kill me so badly and two you need to be update as much as anyone else in social media aspect.

My new username for Wattpad is easy SeaSeaRose2010(my daughter if it helps)

I will have new books on there when I can for those to enjoy when I am feeling up to it right now my time is reading and keeping to myself due to my own life.

I am still on Inkitt, Dreame, Tapas…

Happily Ever After Book Promo

Happily Ever After is selling at $5.85 and still for free for Kindle Unlimited for those that wish to own it. Book 2 will be out by 2020 at the latest if you are curious where the story begins for Book 2 head on over to Wattpad, Inkitt and Dreame to find out more on this awesome book.

Ratings and Reviews are always welcome.

Do not bash, hate or I will report those that do bully it isn't tolerated by any other book industry and I will not put up with it.