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A Secret Love Affair Series

Hey everyone,Yes, you are reading that correctly it is going to be made into series then a Novel later. It is referring back to my old ways with Jana & Angel back in 2016 before everything came crashing down but now 4 years later, I have made way of my work and have improved myself by taking no bullying, people can dislike my work that is all fine and dandy. NO AUTHOR IS PERFECT AND THEIR IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO WRITE A BOOK!I know a lot of us Writers/Authors struggle with grammar and spelling, guess what time to face reality, WE ARE HUMAN TOO, along with editors or even editing apps. GET OVER IT!Now, as I was saying since Jana & Angel didn't turn out well until Power Of Love was released. I have decided to make a more forwarding advance of a new couple much more than Harley & Addy, Amber & Natalie, Lillian & Isabel, Kaitlyn & Madison, and many more of my couple characters over the years. I am taking into 2020-2022 one of my biggest projects that has b…

Amazon Members!

I have good news, if you haven't heard than I'm here to tell you that I have brought back all of my books for Kindle and Paperback, you can still read Story Of Sammy Alle on Smashwords for free but the rest of MY books are on Amazon and I'm still letting people know that Smashwords is a great site but for me, it gets to frustrating when it comes to fixing files. I will stick to KDP whether I make sales or not, well, who cares I'm proud to be an Author no matter the platform.
(I have accidently posted this in a personal blog instead of this one, minor mistake.)

Plenty Of Reading Material I have books and plenty of them with more to come. If you have Kindle they do provide for that too. If you prefer PDF they have it as well and also you can read them at Books-A-Million, Walmart Online, and Barnes & Noble also can request on OverDrive for them. My books are available at any place you want them to be if their is a writing app you want me to put my books on, let me know and provide a link I will be right there. Thank you for endlessly supporting me. I am proud of all my books and the success that has come with it.

Funny Review and Power Of Love is Free!

Laughing my ass off at the review but that isn't the point; I am surprised that this book is free on Kindle and still sitting at a decent rating for a book that wasn't selling before. It is selling like hot cakes since I have it available and it isn't on Promotion either so I am not sure why it is free on Kindle but looks like if anyone wants it can get it for free, it is my only one free though on Amazon.
Reviewer if you read this, thank you for making my day.

Power Of Love Cover Change!

Power Of Love is in the process of having a new cover and this will be it! It is still as good as the other one and you will be able to get it in Paperback and Kindle also Ebooks in other places.If you are on Smashwords, Wattpad, Dreame, BookNet, StoryWrite and Webnovel then you have already seen the change.

Slow Updates On Writing Apps

I am very sorry you all for not updating on either(Story Of Sammy Alle and A Secret Love Affair) books, I have been in pain since Hurricane Sally is still sitting in the ocean and hasn't made landfall. I have been in pain since last week on Thursday but been trying to avoid it as much as possible. So, updates are slow and I am very sorry.Story Of Sammy Alle will make it's debut here soon enough on Webnovel, Dreame, and Booknet since me and the lady behind it are still working on it together for Publishing purposes. It is currently on Wattpad and Inkitt.

Lesson with Clinging To Love

Clinging To Love taught me how to use multiple characters, granted that book is hated but it taught me how to really reevaluate my characters and how to sort them properly with each POV instead of all in one. Lessons are meant to be taught that is what learning is and my books have all taught me things especially being an Author.

Jana & Angel Books

For those reading anything involving Jana & Angel that includes the Novel's and Both Book Series please take into consideration they were the start of my career as an Author both for my real name Amber M. Kestner and Annora Rose in 2016-2018, I had no idea how much emotions and instability my characters would take but their is one thing I learned as I have progressed is that my character traits are myself too. I am learning as I go still but I do thank everyone who has taken the time to read my books.A Girl For Her SeriesFate Of Her Path SeriesA Girl For Her NovelPower Of Love NovelAll contribute to Jana & Angel in their own ways. I am not great at telling stories but I am doing my best.~Amber M. Kestner


Readers,From all over the world who have followed my work, I have taken some old work down that includes these listed:A Girl For HerClinging To LoveA Girl For Her SeriesFate Of Her Path SeriesThe one's that have stayed:Beauty & The OutcastDating Miss. LillianGothic Princess & Angel Series 1-3(due to book 3 being released on Halloween)Power Of LoveHappily Ever AfterShe's My Kind Of CountryA Girl's Heart To PoetryI will be going through each and every book an decide which one's come back an which don't but if you are on these following sites:WattpadInkittDreameBooknetWebnovel Then you will always have access to them and the books will continue as scheduled when I do release them. Publishing has comes to terms with myself expanding my better process of editing or removing books that aren't helping me today. As I am almost in the middle of my 30's I need to release new books not old stuff and that means displaying something more to today's lively wo…

A Little Update

Hey loves,I am so sorry for this but I had to take this one down off of Wattpad, Inkitt, and BookNet but I do have something to tell you:

A Secret Love Affair will be my next project once I finish A Princess For Keeps to have it out for release.

I have other plans for it. If you have read anything involving Jana & Angel then that is the route I'm going. Writing in college theme seemed impossible for me to stick too.

Thank you for understanding!

A Princess For Keeps

Tomorrow is the day, A Princess For Keeps goes up for Pre-Order on Kindle. In between everything else this one is actually going pretty good knowing I am putting books on other Apps at the same time or updating another one.

Kindle for She's My Kind Of Country

If everyone keeps buying Kindle for She's My Kind Of Country, I will be at #1, I am doing good in LGBT General Fiction, Lesbian Fiction, and Paid Kindle Sales. If you know anyone who loves to read then you can get this copy. It is $.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited.

Writing Apps & Updates!

I wish readers were more respectful towards Author's. I am not saying all readers but a good chunk especially on writing apps. Not all of us, Author's have time to update 24/7 look at myself, I am a full time mom and also help take care of my parents plus answer the phone for my brother.We do are best to get Chapter's out when we can but if we don't at least we are trying. A lot of writers disappear because life catches up to them...guess what it has happened to me when I was on StoryWrite the first three times and I am still known to leave without a trace.Give us a break. Hell, a lot of Author's quit writing books usually after one book break sales and they become Best Sellers. I am a special Author, I have always loved writing and still do to this day. It is fun and brings out the imagination of what it can be to be with a woman facing demons, vampires, mental health, and beyond what other sources may preserve in my mind.Writing is a gift, Publishing is a treasur…


I think readers on Webnovel are a little happy that I am on there because both books series that I have posted have over 1,000+ reads with no ratings not that I care.This is for: A Girl For Her Series(ongoing) Fate Of Her Path Series(ongoing)
And I still have more to put on there. Yes, I am doing by series for a reason makes it easier besides the Novel's those are simple.

A Secret Love Affair

Hey everyone,So, it seems my fan base is enjoying reading A Secret Love Affair all across the board. From Wattpad to Booknet that book has been getting readers like no tomorrow. As it seems my other projects are on hold that includes A Princess For Keeps that won't make it out by Halloween due to A Secret Love Affair. Not that it was getting much reads but I was trying.That is my update for today.~Amber

Expanded Locations!

Hey Readers,Barnes & Noble Readers, iTunes, Books-A-Million, Kobo, OverDrive and many more places have my books for Paperback and E-Book the only one you may not see is A Girl For Her but that is okay.Have a great day!~Amber

Free Reading Locations!

Hey Readers,My books are free to read at these locations:WattpadInkittDreameBookNetSmashwordsIf you wish to pay for my books in Kindle or Paperback they are located on Amazon under my real name Amber M. KestnerHappy Sunday!~Author Amber


Hey Readers,I have noticed a lot of you still have trouble finding my work so as soon as Smashwords approves all of my books again including the latest release of She's My Kind Of Country everything will be available to get as PDF and more.

Release Book #15

It is officially 12:30am in West Virginia and it is officially release day for my next release called She's My Kind Of Country. It is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Also I will have my Paperback release hopefully today too since that is when I want it live on their website *keeps fingers crossed*. As always you can still read it for free on Wattpad, Inkitt, Dreame and BookNet with my other books if you can't afford to get my books. I would like to also wish my daughter Melanie a very Happy 10th Birthday as of 5:07pm today. I am also wanting to announce that on Halloween you all will have another book to look forward too. If you have been on Facebook, LinkedIn, Wattpad, Inkitt, and Twitter then you already know.Thank you to all who support me and happy reading!~Amber

On Hold

HEA2 and A Secret Love Affair are on hold. I will be trying to complete short books since those two books listed are Novels and will be due out next year or year after, I can pace myself some.

3 Work In Progress W/ 1 Main Focus

Hey loves,
As most of you know I am one to whip out books left and right since 2016 and 2017. I have slowed down now since 2018 and working on bigger developments. I know a lot of you are probably wonder what I am working on from Wattpad, Inkitt and Dreame. It is actually 3 projects with 1 in focus. I will introduce them by covers instead it is easier.

Now, understand I can only do so many at time. I am bouncing between these three because 1 is due out next year most of you can guess that one and the other 2 are still undecided. They are all available on Inkitt, Dreame and Wattpad as I update as much as I can. Thank you all!
~Amber M. Kestner

Their Is No Right Or Wrong Way!

Writers & New Authors,
If a book you are writing has a good flow or something belongs in the book set it free write it in that book itself. Their is no right or wrong way for us to tell stories as long as you are expressing to the readers your emotions they will understand and see to it that it belongs in the book. I had to learn this about HEA2 I was afraid of writing a scene because I had no idea how anyone would take it for one it is illegal and two I would never encourage it but it belongs in the book. You have to learn to engage your audience even if the scenes stand out awkwardly.
Writing books is a privileged a lot of us enjoy and stepping out of our comfort is never a bad thing either. We can do this no matter our struggles. Write, write, write and write!

Don't Do This To Anyone!

This is the message that I got from Saturday, July 11th, 2020 in my inbox of some lady literally telling me this.For one: My books are either done by Google Images that I find, Canva, or I have someone on Wattpad who does my covers.Two: Google Docs has been my editor since 2016, I admit I have some grammar and spelling mistakes but don't all Authors? Yeah, my point exactly.Three: I have a fan base outside of my family and friends, I know my worth.Yes, I broke down and cried two nights ago but how would you feel getting this message from your own website. Yes, she apologized but she didn't have to be a bitch either.***I am not taking this down again either and I have a right to make my book covers(or have someone else) how I please. I can't afford stock photos or an editor, so kiss my ass.***Thank you to those that are supporting me through this. No, I am not giving up but I am not putting up with someone tearing me down all because they can't do their own success.

I am …

LGBT in Bookstores and Libraries!

According to Homosassa Library in Homosassa, FL that three adults need to be able to have my books on the shelves or donate. This sounds like a fun solution but Courtney knows three that isn't the issue, it is now try to get my books in other states too besides online. So, whatever state you are from it will take three to five adults at most to recommend my books to get them seen in your libraries or I send copies and you can donate them.
This dream will come true some day even if it means one book at a time. So, my brother Chris is right on the donating part or also in the return box. I know LGBT books are hard to get into Libraries and Bookstores but we have to make a movement too or at least I am hoping to with people's help.

LGBT at Walmart

Hey everyone,
So, a thing happened that I wasn't aware of until last night but one very special book has made it into Walmart Online and I am not joking either this is like over the moon excited. I couldn't wait to tell the world by morning. I have been holding on writing in my blogs because I know not many read them but this is the best way to celebrate my 5th year as an Author by tomorrow, July 4th.
Happily Ever After is at for you all to grab.
This isn't a joke at all or else I wouldn't be posting this. I am like so happy and needing a drink to celebrate this is a miracle.
Thank you all for making this happen!
~Amber M. Kestner

Storywrite, Inkitt and Tapas

Hey everyone,
I am back on those sites/apps. Their are no books on them yet as I know it will take me a while to do especially since I have 15 books to display and I am working on book 16 at the moment called A Secret Love Affair which can be found on Wattpad and Dreame. 
You are probably wondering why I am back on the three listed? Because of the fan base I have received when I was on them. Storywrite was my first place to begin writing long before Wattpad, it was a home base and I had made tons of followers at one point. Storywrite is when I began writing Lesbian Love 1 & 2 which is now Clinging To Love. Inkitt, I joined long after Wattpad and had grown somewhat a fan base. Tapas, oh my goodness did I ever make a name there. I had readers from all over young and experienced artists too with excellent stories, I still follow two on Instagram.
Anyways so if you are on any of those sites that is where my releases will be along with, of course, Wattpad, Dreame and Kindle Direct Publish…

Haters Going To Hate, I Love My Career

I am finally believing that I have gained a fan base on Amazon. I have reached so many readers this month, it is unbelievable and all I had to do was bring back old work with it's edits and bring in new work a long with it. I am so proud of myself. :DOh yeah, haters, fuck you and the horse you rid on for not believing that no writer can get far without a degree, I have proved that and many others have that you don't need to go to college to give you're love into a field you enjoy.
Sincerely, Amber M. Kestner

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited Users!

Hey everyone,
Good news! I can officially Publish my old pen names books under my real name on Amazon so their will be more for you all to read the books included are:
A Girl For Her Clinging To Love Gothic Princess & Angel Series Winning Her Heart Series Fate Of Her Path Series Fighting For Love Series
And more that never made it out in Public. These will be available soon as I can, I have already finished top 4, I still have at least 3 more to go. I am editing out Annora Rose stuff and putting in new endings in case you are looking for me. My website has slowly been in the editing process with adding books. 
I am so excited to be able to finish my series now.
~Amber M. Kestner

My Books Are My Babies

That pink book is to keep track of each year I Publish a book. And those books are my babies from A Girl For Her Series to Winning Her Heart Series even though I am not bringing back Annora Rose as a pen name their still my hard work that taught me how to build my worlds and worth the experiences. I am proud to be an Author and can't wait to release more into the world. I have come a long way since July 4th, 2016.

Always Support Indie Authors!

My books aren't free on Smashwords as of last night, I decided as an Author that they won't be free during the last two days because I am wanting people to realize not everything in life is free, yes, I participate in free events but only on occasion. So, my books priced on Smashwords are $.99 to $2.99 depending on the book, my ebooks and paperbacks are cheap compared to most for my own reasons. Love to you all! Always support your favorite Indie Author!

She's My Kind Of Country

You are in for a ride of your lives. I am releasing my fifteenth book for 2020 and it will be in early August. I have been working on this book since February and it is located on Wattpad and Dreame for readers but it will be available for Kindle and Ebook formats on August 7th (my daughter's 10th birthday). Paperback is scheduled for August 3rd not unless their is a delay. I am so grateful for my fan base for believing in me though I have had high doubts of releasing anything this year but this book is worth it all and the years of proving myself that I can write books in long term.
Thank you all so much!
~Amber M. Kestner

Your Work and What It Means To You!

I admit, I have had more support on my books from Wattpad and Dreame then I have Amazon and Smashwords, it takes me several months to a year to complete a book of any sort. I know I have family and friends that support me also have enjoyed my work but getting told your work is crap is the most hateful thing I have heard. I understand getting people like and dislike but explaining why you didn't like it is better than bashing someone in the artistic way. I admit I am not perfect but my hard work is always earned and having my own books in my hands is enough.
I love being an author and that will never change. Ratings are just numbers but making books that have some meaning are all the world. I have trigger stuff in my books, do I care? yes, but I am not changing the stories. They are mine to tell. Jana & Angel have been rewritten so many times that I got sick of trying to please and consider my work, my own success.If you are an author, writer, artist, photographer, railfan, and …

My Website Is Official

My website can now be found on Google's search engine and hopefully bring in traffic to check out my books as I publish more to the world. So, proud of myself for doing this on my own.

Dreame Readers!

Hey everyone,

How are you all handling this pandemic? For me, it is keeping busy with new books and keeping readers entertained. It has not been simple that is for sure. Anyways, besides Amazon and Smashwords, I have including free readings package for Wattpad Readers and also Dreame Readers. I am on Wattpad as LesbianJuliet88 and on Dreame as AKestner. Now, you are still more than welcome to my books that is no biggie on me but just know with everything down that I am willing to let my readers enjoy the books that have brought me some insight on the completed books. My current projects will not be featured on Dreame until they are Published and set the way, I want them to be. I am working on Google Docs for all my work besides one which is my newest that is on Wattpad but other wise, you can check out all of my work in any location and I have a new website as well that you can find by checking out those links.

Thank you for supporting me and as always know, I am never hard to find.


Free Reads!

Smashwords is extending its Author event until May 31st due to the way society is at the moment, I am going to keep my books enrolled for those that want them. If I have pre-orders those will be the only ones priced due to this Pandemic. I don't like leaving my books free but I know people are struggling for  entertainment.

Loss Of Inspiration

I should be updating my books for you all but I am consumed by reading and sleeping at the moment so for those waiting on updates....well, hate to say it, it maybe a while before I feel my inspiration to come back. I wanted to release something this year but I have no spark at the moment. I will be back when I can until then you can find me hibernating on Goodreads as Amber M. Kestner if you wish to add me on there. My books are also still free on Smashwords for those that wish to read them. I haven't completed any updates on Wattpad for my finished work.

Books are free on Smashwords due to a sale that is going on until that ends April 20th, 2020 then I will go back to prices. My books are also available on Amazon.

Binge Reading

Binge read on Smashwords all books will be available for FREE but if you like them so much more can go buy them on Amazon or my shop if you like. Thank you once again for supporting me as an Author.


Attention Readers:

Amazon and Smashwords for Amber M. Kestner, I am re-releasing some of my works until I can get more out that includes every book on Smashwords that was up before and for Amazon that includes A Girl For Her Series(1-3), Happily Ever After, Power Of Love, and A Girl's Heart To Poetry these are all ebook related so if you have ITunes, Kindle Unlimited, Library Lending and more that lets you have ebooks you will have that option it is ONLY FOR EBOOKS!

Thank you!

Near Future

Coming in the near future for all my reading sites: Novel's and Series that need completed but only for sites that are used daily for writing. That includes Wattpad, Inkitt, Tapas and Dreame, they may appear on Goodreads for readers to rate and review to their own appeal. It would make it easier for those that enjoy my books of the unfinished books.

(I can't project when this will happen but it will probably happen once I finish rewriting old books.)

This will include Annora Rose's books that were uncompleted.

Must Read!

Updated Information Inside:

Truth Behind Writers/Authors

You may wonder why I am bothering to conclude a blog of more reason behind my lash out yesterday? If you must know my readers are important no matter the walks of life including those that face day to day problems including Mental Health. I will tell you this I am no different than any other Writer/Author out there that writes the way I do when their character is having a break down. One of my favorite Author's who I met about a year ago Alicia Sophia(Author of 1, 4, 3) is also one to express in the LGBT community of Mental Health of any sort. I am not one to be outcasted here and I will not stand for someone telling me that I shouldn't shame LGBT Community because I do not know nothing about Lesbian's, excuse me, but I believe that most author's such as myself do research or follow groups of people that struggle. My favorite group Shameless for the LGBT community has every person from walks a life in their group whether single, engaged, married or just exploring beyon…

Offending Readers!

Dear readers,

I will make this clear to ANYONE reading my books if you are offended by what I write then simple answer don't read them. I do cover all basis of mental and physical day to day problems if they are real to you, I am sorry but I am not out to hurt anyone. MY BOOKS ARE FICTION! and if you have a problem with teacherxstudent books then don't read them either because I write what I write not what you write or what you think I should write. I will cover any basis that I want and if someone is suffering anything I hope they do get help and see that it is all going to be okay.

I love writing, I love reading, and I love seeing new readers but please understand that this is my work, not yours.

Amber M. Kestner

She's My Kind Of Country

Hey lovelies,

If you haven't been up to date on what has been going on, well, that is what I am here for. All my books on Smashwords are free, so go grab copies that you haven't read yet. I do like to also add that I have reached a new writing project besides my fantasy one that is slow at the moment but I have a collaboration partner too though he has a crazy schedule so we try to manage of getting that done. I have finally made a book that is getting popularity it is called She's My Kind Of Country it is located on Wattpad, Inkitt, Dreame and Tapas. I am bringing out chapter's for that book like it is nothing, the characters are unique and fun to work with. I am also working on 1st and 3rd person for these characters, it's hard but worth a shot to see if readers like you would be into it. So, far no complaints though I will expect it when comes time to publish.

Additional news: I have all my books on display on Wattpad some don't have their chapters yet but i…

My Own Timeline...Not Exactly

I think at this point that I am going to stick to whatever I feel like doing day by day that is whether writing, reading or being consumed in something because it isn't like my writing career is going anywhere. Hell, 14 books published in 3 years is a lot of hard work and a big goal for someone who started out with barely knowing how to write a book.

No chains, no rush, no time limit...whatever books finish for 2020 will be Published if not well their is always next year..or year after that. It doesn't matter because being self-published I have freedom and no deadline. I want to be like other authors who can put out books every month or at least be ahead but you know their are others who aren't, that is life.

Writing is a gift, being an Author is so much more. A dream is a dream.