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Truth Behind Writers/Authors

You may wonder why I am bothering to conclude a blog of more reason behind my lash out yesterday? If you must know my readers are important no matter the walks of life including those that face day to day problems including Mental Health. I will tell you this I am no different than any other Writer/Author out there that writes the way I do when their character is having a break down. One of my favorite Author's who I met about a year ago Alicia Sophia(Author of 1, 4, 3) is also one to express in the LGBT community of Mental Health of any sort. I am not one to be outcasted here and I will not stand for someone telling me that I shouldn't shame LGBT Community because I do not know nothing about Lesbian's, excuse me, but I believe that most author's such as myself do research or follow groups of people that struggle. My favorite group Shameless for the LGBT community has every person from walks a life in their group whether single, engaged, married or just exploring beyon…

Offending Readers!

Dear readers,

I will make this clear to ANYONE reading my books if you are offended by what I write then simple answer don't read them. I do cover all basis of mental and physical day to day problems if they are real to you, I am sorry but I am not out to hurt anyone. MY BOOKS ARE FICTION! and if you have a problem with teacherxstudent books then don't read them either because I write what I write not what you write or what you think I should write. I will cover any basis that I want and if someone is suffering anything I hope they do get help and see that it is all going to be okay.

I love writing, I love reading, and I love seeing new readers but please understand that this is my work, not yours.

Amber M. Kestner

She's My Kind Of Country

Hey lovelies,

If you haven't been up to date on what has been going on, well, that is what I am here for. All my books on Smashwords are free, so go grab copies that you haven't read yet. I do like to also add that I have reached a new writing project besides my fantasy one that is slow at the moment but I have a collaboration partner too though he has a crazy schedule so we try to manage of getting that done. I have finally made a book that is getting popularity it is called She's My Kind Of Country it is located on Wattpad, Inkitt, Dreame and Tapas. I am bringing out chapter's for that book like it is nothing, the characters are unique and fun to work with. I am also working on 1st and 3rd person for these characters, it's hard but worth a shot to see if readers like you would be into it. So, far no complaints though I will expect it when comes time to publish.

Additional news: I have all my books on display on Wattpad some don't have their chapters yet but i…

My Own Timeline...Not Exactly

I think at this point that I am going to stick to whatever I feel like doing day by day that is whether writing, reading or being consumed in something because it isn't like my writing career is going anywhere. Hell, 14 books published in 3 years is a lot of hard work and a big goal for someone who started out with barely knowing how to write a book.

No chains, no rush, no time limit...whatever books finish for 2020 will be Published if not well their is always next year..or year after that. It doesn't matter because being self-published I have freedom and no deadline. I want to be like other authors who can put out books every month or at least be ahead but you know their are others who aren't, that is life.

Writing is a gift, being an Author is so much more. A dream is a dream.