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Binge Reading

Binge read on Smashwords all books will be available for FREE but if you like them so much more can go buy them on Amazon or my shop if you like. Thank you once again for supporting me as an Author.


Attention Readers:

Amazon and Smashwords for Amber M. Kestner, I am re-releasing some of my works until I can get more out that includes every book on Smashwords that was up before and for Amazon that includes A Girl For Her Series(1-3), Happily Ever After, Power Of Love, and A Girl's Heart To Poetry these are all ebook related so if you have ITunes, Kindle Unlimited, Library Lending and more that lets you have ebooks you will have that option it is ONLY FOR EBOOKS!

Thank you!

Near Future

Coming in the near future for all my reading sites: Novel's and Series that need completed but only for sites that are used daily for writing. That includes Wattpad, Inkitt, Tapas and Dreame, they may appear on Goodreads for readers to rate and review to their own appeal. It would make it easier for those that enjoy my books of the unfinished books.

(I can't project when this will happen but it will probably happen once I finish rewriting old books.)

This will include Annora Rose's books that were uncompleted.

Must Read!

Updated Information Inside: