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My Books Are My Babies

That pink book is to keep track of each year I Publish a book. And those books are my babies from A Girl For Her Series to Winning Her Heart Series even though I am not bringing back Annora Rose as a pen name their still my hard work that taught me how to build my worlds and worth the experiences. I am proud to be an Author and can't wait to release more into the world. I have come a long way since July 4th, 2016.

Always Support Indie Authors!

My books aren't free on Smashwords as of last night, I decided as an Author that they won't be free during the last two days because I am wanting people to realize not everything in life is free, yes, I participate in free events but only on occasion. So, my books priced on Smashwords are $.99 to $2.99 depending on the book, my ebooks and paperbacks are cheap compared to most for my own reasons. Love to you all! Always support your favorite Indie Author!

She's My Kind Of Country

You are in for a ride of your lives. I am releasing my fifteenth book for 2020 and it will be in early August. I have been working on this book since February and it is located on Wattpad and Dreame for readers but it will be available for Kindle and Ebook formats on August 7th (my daughter's 10th birthday). Paperback is scheduled for August 3rd not unless their is a delay. I am so grateful for my fan base for believing in me though I have had high doubts of releasing anything this year but this book is worth it all and the years of proving myself that I can write books in long term.
Thank you all so much!
~Amber M. Kestner

Your Work and What It Means To You!

I admit, I have had more support on my books from Wattpad and Dreame then I have Amazon and Smashwords, it takes me several months to a year to complete a book of any sort. I know I have family and friends that support me also have enjoyed my work but getting told your work is crap is the most hateful thing I have heard. I understand getting people like and dislike but explaining why you didn't like it is better than bashing someone in the artistic way. I admit I am not perfect but my hard work is always earned and having my own books in my hands is enough.
I love being an author and that will never change. Ratings are just numbers but making books that have some meaning are all the world. I have trigger stuff in my books, do I care? yes, but I am not changing the stories. They are mine to tell. Jana & Angel have been rewritten so many times that I got sick of trying to please and consider my work, my own success.If you are an author, writer, artist, photographer, railfan, and …

My Website Is Official

My website can now be found on Google's search engine and hopefully bring in traffic to check out my books as I publish more to the world. So, proud of myself for doing this on my own.

Dreame Readers!

Hey everyone,

How are you all handling this pandemic? For me, it is keeping busy with new books and keeping readers entertained. It has not been simple that is for sure. Anyways, besides Amazon and Smashwords, I have including free readings package for Wattpad Readers and also Dreame Readers. I am on Wattpad as LesbianJuliet88 and on Dreame as AKestner. Now, you are still more than welcome to my books that is no biggie on me but just know with everything down that I am willing to let my readers enjoy the books that have brought me some insight on the completed books. My current projects will not be featured on Dreame until they are Published and set the way, I want them to be. I am working on Google Docs for all my work besides one which is my newest that is on Wattpad but other wise, you can check out all of my work in any location and I have a new website as well that you can find by checking out those links.

Thank you for supporting me and as always know, I am never hard to find.