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Storywrite, Inkitt and Tapas

Hey everyone,
I am back on those sites/apps. Their are no books on them yet as I know it will take me a while to do especially since I have 15 books to display and I am working on book 16 at the moment called A Secret Love Affair which can be found on Wattpad and Dreame. 
You are probably wondering why I am back on the three listed? Because of the fan base I have received when I was on them. Storywrite was my first place to begin writing long before Wattpad, it was a home base and I had made tons of followers at one point. Storywrite is when I began writing Lesbian Love 1 & 2 which is now Clinging To Love. Inkitt, I joined long after Wattpad and had grown somewhat a fan base. Tapas, oh my goodness did I ever make a name there. I had readers from all over young and experienced artists too with excellent stories, I still follow two on Instagram.
Anyways so if you are on any of those sites that is where my releases will be along with, of course, Wattpad, Dreame and Kindle Direct Publish…

Haters Going To Hate, I Love My Career

I am finally believing that I have gained a fan base on Amazon. I have reached so many readers this month, it is unbelievable and all I had to do was bring back old work with it's edits and bring in new work a long with it. I am so proud of myself. :DOh yeah, haters, fuck you and the horse you rid on for not believing that no writer can get far without a degree, I have proved that and many others have that you don't need to go to college to give you're love into a field you enjoy.
Sincerely, Amber M. Kestner

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited Users!

Hey everyone,
Good news! I can officially Publish my old pen names books under my real name on Amazon so their will be more for you all to read the books included are:
A Girl For Her Clinging To Love Gothic Princess & Angel Series Winning Her Heart Series Fate Of Her Path Series Fighting For Love Series
And more that never made it out in Public. These will be available soon as I can, I have already finished top 4, I still have at least 3 more to go. I am editing out Annora Rose stuff and putting in new endings in case you are looking for me. My website has slowly been in the editing process with adding books. 
I am so excited to be able to finish my series now.
~Amber M. Kestner