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3 Work In Progress W/ 1 Main Focus

Hey loves,
As most of you know I am one to whip out books left and right since 2016 and 2017. I have slowed down now since 2018 and working on bigger developments. I know a lot of you are probably wonder what I am working on from Wattpad, Inkitt and Dreame. It is actually 3 projects with 1 in focus. I will introduce them by covers instead it is easier.

Now, understand I can only do so many at time. I am bouncing between these three because 1 is due out next year most of you can guess that one and the other 2 are still undecided. They are all available on Inkitt, Dreame and Wattpad as I update as much as I can. Thank you all!
~Amber M. Kestner

Their Is No Right Or Wrong Way!

Writers & New Authors,
If a book you are writing has a good flow or something belongs in the book set it free write it in that book itself. Their is no right or wrong way for us to tell stories as long as you are expressing to the readers your emotions they will understand and see to it that it belongs in the book. I had to learn this about HEA2 I was afraid of writing a scene because I had no idea how anyone would take it for one it is illegal and two I would never encourage it but it belongs in the book. You have to learn to engage your audience even if the scenes stand out awkwardly.
Writing books is a privileged a lot of us enjoy and stepping out of our comfort is never a bad thing either. We can do this no matter our struggles. Write, write, write and write!

Don't Do This To Anyone!

This is the message that I got from Saturday, July 11th, 2020 in my inbox of some lady literally telling me this.For one: My books are either done by Google Images that I find, Canva, or I have someone on Wattpad who does my covers.Two: Google Docs has been my editor since 2016, I admit I have some grammar and spelling mistakes but don't all Authors? Yeah, my point exactly.Three: I have a fan base outside of my family and friends, I know my worth.Yes, I broke down and cried two nights ago but how would you feel getting this message from your own website. Yes, she apologized but she didn't have to be a bitch either.***I am not taking this down again either and I have a right to make my book covers(or have someone else) how I please. I can't afford stock photos or an editor, so kiss my ass.***Thank you to those that are supporting me through this. No, I am not giving up but I am not putting up with someone tearing me down all because they can't do their own success.

I am …

LGBT in Bookstores and Libraries!

According to Homosassa Library in Homosassa, FL that three adults need to be able to have my books on the shelves or donate. This sounds like a fun solution but Courtney knows three that isn't the issue, it is now try to get my books in other states too besides online. So, whatever state you are from it will take three to five adults at most to recommend my books to get them seen in your libraries or I send copies and you can donate them.
This dream will come true some day even if it means one book at a time. So, my brother Chris is right on the donating part or also in the return box. I know LGBT books are hard to get into Libraries and Bookstores but we have to make a movement too or at least I am hoping to with people's help.

LGBT at Walmart

Hey everyone,
So, a thing happened that I wasn't aware of until last night but one very special book has made it into Walmart Online and I am not joking either this is like over the moon excited. I couldn't wait to tell the world by morning. I have been holding on writing in my blogs because I know not many read them but this is the best way to celebrate my 5th year as an Author by tomorrow, July 4th.
Happily Ever After is at for you all to grab.
This isn't a joke at all or else I wouldn't be posting this. I am like so happy and needing a drink to celebrate this is a miracle.
Thank you all for making this happen!
~Amber M. Kestner