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A Little Update

Hey loves,I am so sorry for this but I had to take this one down off of Wattpad, Inkitt, and BookNet but I do have something to tell you:

A Secret Love Affair will be my next project once I finish A Princess For Keeps to have it out for release.

I have other plans for it. If you have read anything involving Jana & Angel then that is the route I'm going. Writing in college theme seemed impossible for me to stick too.

Thank you for understanding!

A Princess For Keeps

Tomorrow is the day, A Princess For Keeps goes up for Pre-Order on Kindle. In between everything else this one is actually going pretty good knowing I am putting books on other Apps at the same time or updating another one.

Kindle for She's My Kind Of Country

If everyone keeps buying Kindle for She's My Kind Of Country, I will be at #1, I am doing good in LGBT General Fiction, Lesbian Fiction, and Paid Kindle Sales. If you know anyone who loves to read then you can get this copy. It is $.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited.

Writing Apps & Updates!

I wish readers were more respectful towards Author's. I am not saying all readers but a good chunk especially on writing apps. Not all of us, Author's have time to update 24/7 look at myself, I am a full time mom and also help take care of my parents plus answer the phone for my brother.We do are best to get Chapter's out when we can but if we don't at least we are trying. A lot of writers disappear because life catches up to them...guess what it has happened to me when I was on StoryWrite the first three times and I am still known to leave without a trace.Give us a break. Hell, a lot of Author's quit writing books usually after one book break sales and they become Best Sellers. I am a special Author, I have always loved writing and still do to this day. It is fun and brings out the imagination of what it can be to be with a woman facing demons, vampires, mental health, and beyond what other sources may preserve in my mind.Writing is a gift, Publishing is a treasur…


I think readers on Webnovel are a little happy that I am on there because both books series that I have posted have over 1,000+ reads with no ratings not that I care.This is for: A Girl For Her Series(ongoing) Fate Of Her Path Series(ongoing)
And I still have more to put on there. Yes, I am doing by series for a reason makes it easier besides the Novel's those are simple.

A Secret Love Affair

Hey everyone,So, it seems my fan base is enjoying reading A Secret Love Affair all across the board. From Wattpad to Booknet that book has been getting readers like no tomorrow. As it seems my other projects are on hold that includes A Princess For Keeps that won't make it out by Halloween due to A Secret Love Affair. Not that it was getting much reads but I was trying.That is my update for today.~Amber

Expanded Locations!

Hey Readers,Barnes & Noble Readers, iTunes, Books-A-Million, Kobo, OverDrive and many more places have my books for Paperback and E-Book the only one you may not see is A Girl For Her but that is okay.Have a great day!~Amber

Free Reading Locations!

Hey Readers,My books are free to read at these locations:WattpadInkittDreameBookNetSmashwordsIf you wish to pay for my books in Kindle or Paperback they are located on Amazon under my real name Amber M. KestnerHappy Sunday!~Author Amber


Hey Readers,I have noticed a lot of you still have trouble finding my work so as soon as Smashwords approves all of my books again including the latest release of She's My Kind Of Country everything will be available to get as PDF and more.

Release Book #15

It is officially 12:30am in West Virginia and it is officially release day for my next release called She's My Kind Of Country. It is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Also I will have my Paperback release hopefully today too since that is when I want it live on their website *keeps fingers crossed*. As always you can still read it for free on Wattpad, Inkitt, Dreame and BookNet with my other books if you can't afford to get my books. I would like to also wish my daughter Melanie a very Happy 10th Birthday as of 5:07pm today. I am also wanting to announce that on Halloween you all will have another book to look forward too. If you have been on Facebook, LinkedIn, Wattpad, Inkitt, and Twitter then you already know.Thank you to all who support me and happy reading!~Amber

On Hold

HEA2 and A Secret Love Affair are on hold. I will be trying to complete short books since those two books listed are Novels and will be due out next year or year after, I can pace myself some.