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Power Of Love Cover Change!

Power Of Love is in the process of having a new cover and this will be it! It is still as good as the other one and you will be able to get it in Paperback and Kindle also Ebooks in other places.If you are on Smashwords, Wattpad, Dreame, BookNet, StoryWrite and Webnovel then you have already seen the change.

Slow Updates On Writing Apps

I am very sorry you all for not updating on either(Story Of Sammy Alle and A Secret Love Affair) books, I have been in pain since Hurricane Sally is still sitting in the ocean and hasn't made landfall. I have been in pain since last week on Thursday but been trying to avoid it as much as possible. So, updates are slow and I am very sorry.Story Of Sammy Alle will make it's debut here soon enough on Webnovel, Dreame, and Booknet since me and the lady behind it are still working on it together for Publishing purposes. It is currently on Wattpad and Inkitt.

Lesson with Clinging To Love

Clinging To Love taught me how to use multiple characters, granted that book is hated but it taught me how to really reevaluate my characters and how to sort them properly with each POV instead of all in one. Lessons are meant to be taught that is what learning is and my books have all taught me things especially being an Author.

Jana & Angel Books

For those reading anything involving Jana & Angel that includes the Novel's and Both Book Series please take into consideration they were the start of my career as an Author both for my real name Amber M. Kestner and Annora Rose in 2016-2018, I had no idea how much emotions and instability my characters would take but their is one thing I learned as I have progressed is that my character traits are myself too. I am learning as I go still but I do thank everyone who has taken the time to read my books.A Girl For Her SeriesFate Of Her Path SeriesA Girl For Her NovelPower Of Love NovelAll contribute to Jana & Angel in their own ways. I am not great at telling stories but I am doing my best.~Amber M. Kestner


Readers,From all over the world who have followed my work, I have taken some old work down that includes these listed:A Girl For HerClinging To LoveA Girl For Her SeriesFate Of Her Path SeriesThe one's that have stayed:Beauty & The OutcastDating Miss. LillianGothic Princess & Angel Series 1-3(due to book 3 being released on Halloween)Power Of LoveHappily Ever AfterShe's My Kind Of CountryA Girl's Heart To PoetryI will be going through each and every book an decide which one's come back an which don't but if you are on these following sites:WattpadInkittDreameBooknetWebnovel Then you will always have access to them and the books will continue as scheduled when I do release them. Publishing has comes to terms with myself expanding my better process of editing or removing books that aren't helping me today. As I am almost in the middle of my 30's I need to release new books not old stuff and that means displaying something more to today's lively wo…