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A Secret Love Affair Series

Hey everyone,Yes, you are reading that correctly it is going to be made into series then a Novel later. It is referring back to my old ways with Jana & Angel back in 2016 before everything came crashing down but now 4 years later, I have made way of my work and have improved myself by taking no bullying, people can dislike my work that is all fine and dandy. NO AUTHOR IS PERFECT AND THEIR IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO WRITE A BOOK!I know a lot of us Writers/Authors struggle with grammar and spelling, guess what time to face reality, WE ARE HUMAN TOO, along with editors or even editing apps. GET OVER IT!Now, as I was saying since Jana & Angel didn't turn out well until Power Of Love was released. I have decided to make a more forwarding advance of a new couple much more than Harley & Addy, Amber & Natalie, Lillian & Isabel, Kaitlyn & Madison, and many more of my couple characters over the years. I am taking into 2020-2022 one of my biggest projects that has b…

Amazon Members!

I have good news, if you haven't heard than I'm here to tell you that I have brought back all of my books for Kindle and Paperback, you can still read Story Of Sammy Alle on Smashwords for free but the rest of MY books are on Amazon and I'm still letting people know that Smashwords is a great site but for me, it gets to frustrating when it comes to fixing files. I will stick to KDP whether I make sales or not, well, who cares I'm proud to be an Author no matter the platform.
(I have accidently posted this in a personal blog instead of this one, minor mistake.)

Plenty Of Reading Material I have books and plenty of them with more to come. If you have Kindle they do provide for that too. If you prefer PDF they have it as well and also you can read them at Books-A-Million, Walmart Online, and Barnes & Noble also can request on OverDrive for them. My books are available at any place you want them to be if their is a writing app you want me to put my books on, let me know and provide a link I will be right there. Thank you for endlessly supporting me. I am proud of all my books and the success that has come with it.

Funny Review and Power Of Love is Free!

Laughing my ass off at the review but that isn't the point; I am surprised that this book is free on Kindle and still sitting at a decent rating for a book that wasn't selling before. It is selling like hot cakes since I have it available and it isn't on Promotion either so I am not sure why it is free on Kindle but looks like if anyone wants it can get it for free, it is my only one free though on Amazon.
Reviewer if you read this, thank you for making my day.