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The Challenge Of Paige and Sienna Book One

In my gut, I know my readers get mad at me for restarting a book so many times but imagine if you were in my shoes writing for someone you love so much and want to make them feel good to have them in a book. Paige and Sienna is the hardest one I have had to write out since introducing it in the Fall with A Secret Love Affair because me and my girlfriend/love of my life Courtney are completely different in reality but we click. Our friendship is more than just us bickering but we reach mutual agreements too. We are more just friends, we are everything to one another, and be lost without one another too. She is my best friend and much more so writing a book on us is my first challenge in the years of my writing. Jana & Angel was a little to easy because I didn't know the backstory life of the woman behind it. Harley & Addy that was already explained a false less relationship on IMVU that went nowhere but downhill, the story will change in book 2 when I get to it.  Sienna and

Novelettes and Novellas

Hey everyone, I am sorry but unfortunately due to my brother calling me from noon to whenever most days and helping my daughter with school work, I don't have the time to put in a Novel like I want including for A Secret Love Affair so I have to back track to writing my series until god knows when. I love my brother, don't get me wrong but he is the reason my work has been so frustrating. He encourages me to Publish more books but how can I? He calls me so much that I have no time to write a book at all and it kills me because I would hate to lose my fan base. So, for the time being I am going to be displaying series or any short books that come to mind. Which is discouraging in my eyes. ~Amber M. Kestner

I Choose ME!

 Hey everyone, I know random post after how long, oh, two weeks since that last one about Wattpad. Well, I decided that NO ONE can tell me what WRITING APPS that I should and shouldn't be on. I had to remove two people from my "friends" area because I didn't like them convincing of what Apps are better for EVERYONE .  Wattpad has/is my home for over 10 years maybe more. Do you know how hard it is to take yourself from something that you have been apart of since the beginning with your best friend? My best friend means everything to me and somehow or another someone has to butt in. It is more than just that though it is PEOPLE for over the PAST let's say 5 years telling me all sorts of BULLSHIT about how I need to move on from Wattpad and let it go. NO! I will NOT , you know why ALL WRITING APPS HAVE FAULTS . I do not like Inkitt and I do not like GoodNovel but I would NEVER tell people otherwise because the apps have good reasons too. DO NOT TELL PEOPLE WHA

Minor Update

I have decided if any new books(with some old novels) I display will go for Smashwords but my old books and new ones will be on Amazon. If they are looking for a certain one than they will have to go to Amazon.