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I Choose ME!

 Hey everyone,

I know random post after how long, oh, two weeks since that last one about Wattpad. Well, I decided that NO ONE can tell me what WRITING APPS that I should and shouldn't be on. I had to remove two people from my "friends" area because I didn't like them convincing of what Apps are better for EVERYONE

Wattpad has/is my home for over 10 years maybe more. Do you know how hard it is to take yourself from something that you have been apart of since the beginning with your best friend? My best friend means everything to me and somehow or another someone has to butt in. It is more than just that though it is PEOPLE for over the PAST let's say 5 years telling me all sorts of BULLSHIT about how I need to move on from Wattpad and let it go. NO! I will NOT, you know why ALL WRITING APPS HAVE FAULTS. I do not like Inkitt and I do not like GoodNovel but I would NEVER tell people otherwise because the apps have good reasons too.

DO NOT TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO ESPECIALLY AUTHORS who have been in the writing business what to do, not unless it is advice but otherwise SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AND SHUT UP! I will not let anyone sit there and tell me where I need to put my books because for one THAT IS MY CHOICE not yours. 

Now if these two people insists on contacting me, well, I am not speaking to either of them for my own gain. You want to tell people to quit WATTPAD because it is not a great way to reach readers, that is your own doing but for me, THAT IS MY HOME, THAT IS WHERE I STARTED FROM, AND WHERE MY BOOKS TOOK OFF! No one has been around long enough to know that long before I published I started out on StoryWrite then moved to Wattpad that I introduced my best friend too and she is addicted to the site. None of our books have been stolen either, so don't give me that bullshit either. 

I am back on Wattpad and plan on bringing my books back on because on I can display my Wattpad books there. If you have a problem with that then take it up with my man Larry or my babe Courtney because for one, I am not dealing with the stress, and NO ONE SHOULD TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and I will see you all soon.

~Amber M. Kestner 


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